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AJ Marsden May term at Beacon brings with it fresh new courses to explore. This year, Dr. Marsden is teaching the class Topics: Theories of Personality for the summer term.

Dr. Perrone brought the idea for this course to Dr. Marsden, who saw the potential and enthusiastically agreed to teach it.  The class fits with her background because she previously analyzed personality tests for business executives.

While this course is in the field of psychology, the general interest may make the topic appealing to anyone, and completion of the course does count toward elective credit. Dr. Marsden recommends anyone who wants to learn more about themselves take the class. The highlight of this class will be all of the self-reflection. Upon completion of this class, Dr. Marsden hopes that the students will get a better understanding of their own personalities.

For the author, this brings back memories of a favorite course- Motivation and Emotion, also taught by Dr. Marsden. This is sure to be another great offering!

~Robert Barnett
Photo by Heather Reed