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Spring Break is next week, and Beacon College students have some fun plans for their (much deserved) vacation days. Roving Robbie polled students at the College to find out what some of those plans are.


Robert: Going to New York

Rachel: Staying in Leesburg and possibly going to Georgia

Jack L: Going to New Orleans

Kevin: Going to Tennessee

Mikey: Staying in Florida

Rashad: Staying in Florida or going to Georgia

Senay: Going on vacation or working

Evan: Going to Georgia

Raimell: Going to Tavares

Alex O: Going to Virginia

Ryder: Going to Pennsylvania

Moriah: Going to California

Cameron: Going to Universal

Eric: Going to Gainesville

Tiffani, Michelle, Shia, Amelia, Sam, Cari, Sean, Cyrus: Going on a Royal Caribbean cruise

Joseph: Going on a cruise to Bahamas and Mexico

Venus: Going on a cruise to Bahamas and Mexico

Jeunesse: Going to Maryland and D.C.

Yendise: Going to New York

Suzy: Going to Georgia

Sarah: Going to Sarasota

Savannah: Staying in Florida

Brittany: Going to D.C.

Lindsey: Going to Disney World and Georgia

Sal: Going to New York

Garrett: Going to Detroit

Mike N: Going to Chicago

Grady: Going to Georgia

Aaron: Staying in Florida

David N: Staying in Florida

Shea: Going to Wisconsin

Andrew B: Going to Wisconsin

David S: Going to Universal and Tampa

Ellie: Going to New Orleans

Peyton: Going to Orlando

Katie: Going to Virginia

Jessica: Going to Disney or Tampa

Dan: Staying in Florida

Gracie: Going to Chicago

Chuck: Going to Chicago


~Robert Barnett

Photos by Heather Reed