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Beacon College Spring Ball The Beacon College Spring Ball took place on Friday, March 27th at 7:00pm. Everyone was dressed in their fancy formal wear; men wore handsome suits, and women had beautiful dresses. Many students participated in the partnered dances, while others just enjoyed the food, friends, and music. Even faculty and staff enjoyed the dancing, snacks, and fun.

Katie and Ariel’s group of dancers from their newly formed club have practiced the last few weeks until they were Beacon College Spring Ball danced out. All the practicing paid off at the ball when they partook in some graceful slow dances, as well as some fun and upbeat songs. They all showed off great moves on the dance floor. There was a fantastic DJ, who played a great song list, and encouraged students to come out and dance.

Overall, students left for the night with happy faces, tired dancing feet, and a great night to remember.

~Rachel Yellon

Photos Courtesy of Heather Reed
Beacon College Spring Ball