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Beacon College Orientation Orientation for Beacon students beginning their college experience with the spring semester began on Monday, January 5th. After a quick check in process, students began moving into, and getting comfortable in, their new college homes. A welcome dinner on Monday evening and a tour and informational sessions held on Tuesday helped acclimate students to their new environment and establish them firmly on the path to academic success.


In a welcome talk from Bob Bridgeman, Executive Vice President of Beacon College, he encouraged these new students to Orientation concentrate on the future, seeing themselves as college graduates in four years. After welcoming students to the “Beacon Family,” Bridgeman held up a photo of recent Beacon graduates from the library’s “Graduate Row” collection, saying, “Envision yourself in this composite in four years. This is where you will be… Your goal is to be an independent, successful college graduate.” Bridgeman noted that this will be a transition period for new students but assured them that the help and support they need to navigate that transition is readily available. He encouraged students to seek whatever help they need because “that’s why we’re here.”


Orientation For dinner and ice breakers, Orientation Leaders led the students to the Chopping Block while the parents had a chance to ask a panelist of Beacon staff ranging from the Vice President of Academic Affairs and the Dean of Student Success to representatives from life coaching, counseling, occupational therapy, and student life, all of their most pressing questions and concerns before preparing to depart campus. With this open forum, parents were made confident they had a complete understanding of exactly what their student could expect on campus as well as what they can expect as a parent of a new college student.


Introductions of key leaders at the College guaranteed that new students would understand the role of each person they see on campus. Small tour groups gave students an opportunity to get an in-depth understanding of each area of campus before classes began. With this comprehensive and individualized attention, our incoming students are already well on the path to achieving academic success!


First Day Spring The spring semester officially began on Wednesday, January 7th. There is a limited amount of time for college students who are currently struggling academically to visit Beacon for a semester via our new Breakthrough Semester program. Students have the opportunity to enroll until January 20th, and an orientation specifically designed for this group will take place on January 17th. For more information, contact the Office of Admissions at 855-220-5376 or fill out an information request form online.