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As philosopher Aldous Huxley saw it, “There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.”

As Beacon College studio artist Marcos Allen sees it, the things he’s known living the bucolic life in Madison, Wisconsin, the unknown things that foster racial strife, and all the moments in between leaving Madison and on the homestretch of graduating college are doors that have shaped his senior portfolio exhibition, “Perceptions.”

“With ‘Perceptions,’ I wanted to bring in pieces that relate to my past, personal and perspectives,” Allen said. “I bring to light some topics of race through textural elements, juxtaposition and my interpretation on violence in my city during the (Black Lives Matter) BLM protest.”

The exhibition, he said, is a testament to his maturation as an artist.

“Attending the art program [at Beacon] has made me take a different look at what I consider art and to look at more creative ways to get my message across in my work,” Allen said.

“Perceptions” remains on display at the Kristin Michelle Mason Art Gallery on the Beacon College campus through April 14.