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Beacon College is ready for a mascot! The entire College community was invited to submit a design, along with an explanation for why the mascot would best represent Beacon College. The plan was to have a committee decide on the top three finalists for voting by the community, but the judging proved so difficult that the field was narrowed to four final candidates.

You are now invited to vote for the mascot that you think best fits Beacon College. Voting is open through 3:00pm on Thursday, April 16. One vote is permitted per person, and anyone can participate. The poll is open on Facebook via this link. For those not on Facebook, the alternative method to cast your vote is to email socialmedia@beaconcollege.edu with the name of the selected mascot. Please note that mascot names are for identification purposes only and should not be used as a factor when selecting your favorite entry.

Here are the finalists for the Beacon College mascot:



The inspiration for this mascot comes from the Harlem Globetrotters’ mascot, Globie. The globe symbolizes navigation.







Flame Flame

Meet Flare, an energetic flame from the Beacon torch that is full of spark and has a bright spirit to go with his wacky personality. He represents the students of Beacon by guiding them through the hardships of life. His bright and powerful spark can be seen for miles. He also inspires students to be themselves, have a great time and unleash their inner Beacon spark.








Compass Man Compass Man

The inspiration of this design comes from the element of navigation, the compass. Before the compass there was no navigator and the only form of navigation was from landmarks. No landmark can form a navigator but acquiring the skills to navigate with a compass will.






Navigator Alligator
Navigator Alligator
Meet Krook, the carrier of the Beacon torch and the spirit of Beacon College. He’s a very athletic alligator that loves to go on trips and attend sporting events. He carries the Beacon torch everywhere he goes to show people his Beacon pride to world around him. He’s never afraid to support his favorite school that he loves and he’s willing to do the impossible. He has an upbeat personality and determination that inspires many students to achieve their goals no matter what people say. This is why Krook is the spirit of Beacon College.