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Seder at Beacon College Celebrating Seder has become an annual tradition at Beacon College, courtesy of the Resnick family. The wonderful Seder that occurred on Friday, April 3rd was generously hosted by Sam Resnick’s parents. There was delicious food, a great ceremony, and tons of fun.

As would be expected, the event was open and attended by many people from Seder at Beacon College a variety of religious backgrounds. Everyone enjoyed the prayers, songs, and laughter. Students, faculty, staff and parents had a great time eating wonderful food, having great conversations, and learning more about the Jewish religion.

After the great feast and good times, everybody left with full stomachs, courtesy of the delicious cooking of Chef Auld and the homemade chocolate treats of Mrs. Resnick. There were ample memories and a great shared experience of the Beacon College community.

The holding of the Seder dinner has become a treasured tradition at Beacon, as Jewish students far from home are given Seder at Beacon College an opportunity to celebrate this important occasion, and those from other religious backgrounds are able to share in the event and learn more about the Jewish faith.

~ Rachel Yellon
Photos Courtesy of Heather Reed