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Daniel Bordenkircher
Daniel Bordenkircher with his mother, wife, and President Hagerty.

Daniel Bordenkircher, Beacon College Class of 2015 Human Services & Psychology graduate and class salutatorian, traveled a unique path to academic success. Dan has been a resident of Leesburg for more than 30 years and, while he was aware of Beacon’s mission, he never considered it an option for his own college education, until he was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, finally giving an explanation for his previous academic struggles and helping him to realize the right academic fit for him.

At Beacon, Dan not only excelled academically, he also found a new and more rewarding career path and became a valued member of the staff with positions in both the Writing Center and the Center for Student Success. Beginning with the fall 2015 semester, Dan will become a full-time Learning Specialist, using his experiences and education to mentor students and help them achieve the sort of success he has himself enjoyed.

Dan’s inspiring story was profiled on the Learning Advisor blog. The article may be read here.