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Performance Club The Performance Club show took place on Friday, April 17th at the Tropic Theater in downtown Leesburg. Long term members Sal Attardo, Brian Kaminski, and Brandon Reeves will all be graduating this year, making the event that much more memorable and meaningful.

The theme for this semester’s show was Disney. Talents ranging from singing to dancing to joke telling were on display in this performance, and students from every class year were represented. Everyone who performed clearly worked hard this semester on their routines.

The show started off great with comedy stylings from Sal and Ethan, the hosts of the show. There were some astounding Performance Club singers, dancers, and comedians. Each performer did a great job, and the crowd went wild. This was the last show for many seniors, so it was a sad one, but also a joyful one, with welcome and congratulations to the new president and vice president for the fall and thanks and goodbye to the graduating seniors. In the end, everyone did a great job, and the show was a big hit, providing not only great entertainment for the evening but also creating fond memories of the Beacon experience.

We definitely can’t wait for next year’s show!

~Rachel Yellon
Photos Courtesy of Heather Reed