Beacon Salon Lecture Series – Dr. Christopher A. Huff

Beacon Salon Lecture Series - Christopher A HuffLecture: An unsettling number of Americans are questioning not only the basic facts of the Holocaust but its very existence as a historical event. Knowledge of this critical event in history has dwindled slowly since the 1980s, when numerous efforts were undertaken to educate Americans about the Holocaust through new school programs, memorials and museums. This process has been exploited by a fervent community of deniers who reject the accepted history of the Holocaust. This presentation will explore the origins of Holocaust denial, the deceptive strategies it employs, and discuss its place within the rising tide of American white nationalism.

Bio: Dr. Christopher A. Huff is an associate professor of history at Beacon College. Dr. Huff specializes in 20th American political and social history, focusing primarily on the protest movements of the late 1960s, the civil rights movement, and southern history.