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Andrea Marsden Hello blogging visitors, take a ‘relax break’ and read here for a bit. The Beacon College community is fortunate to welcome our new psychology professor Dr. Andrea Marsden, who joins the rest of our fine faculty. She responded to the opportunity earlier this year from the St. Louis, Missouri area where she was an adjunct professor with a full time instructional schedule at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Mo.
Dr. Marsden earned both her doctorate and master’s degrees in psychology with a concentration in industrial/organizational psychology from the University of Missouri. Before her academic life at UM, Dr. Marsden served our country in the U.S. Army for 8 years not too long after growing up in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, where she was born.
Beacon College was appealing to Dr. Marsden for a number of reasons that are important to her and which seem to fit with the type of teaching environment that she prefers. Small class sizes, opportunities for individualized and specialized attention with students, and Beacon’s overall positive atmosphere are some of the significant factors that drew Dr. Marsden to Beacon. She has not worked previously with students who have learning disabilities, but the mission and approach we operate through here at Beacon is meaningful to her on a personal level. Dr. Marsden’s younger brother is challenged with a learning disability. Today he is a successful young business owner due in large part to her help with his school work through an awareness about his learning style during his years in school.
Dr. Marsden enjoys fitness, yoga, and reading, and both she and her husband are also involved in mixed martial arts (MMA). Her husband Matt is a nurse who sometimes travels as a sports medicine nurse working with Bellator MMA, which can be seen on Fridays on the Spike cable channel.
Hopefully at some time you may have the chance to sit down and chat with Dr. Marsden to get to know her little better. I believe Dr. Andrea Marsden with Students that if you happen upon that chance, it will prove to be a pleasant and interesting experience with a professor who is both approachable and authentically personable. Dr. Marsden, Matt and their 2 cats, Buffy and Ivan, have relocated here to central Florida to enjoy a new start, and we’re happy to welcome Dr. Marsden and her family to the Beacon College community.
~ Daniel Bordenkircher