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Beacon College is proud to be offering several pre-conference sessions at ADDA’s 15th International Adult AD/HD Conference. In one of these, a panel of current Beacon students and recent graduates will be candidly discussing their experiences navigating the undergraduate environment as people with ADHD.

Learn a little more about our student panelists:

male student
Jack Callahan
male student
Michael Huey
female student
Heather Reed







What is your hometown?

Jack: Chicago, Illinois

Heather: Yardley, Pennsylvania

Michael: Leesburg, Florida


What is your college graduation year?

Jack: 2014

Heather: 2014

Michael: 2017 (expected)


What has been your favorite class?

Jack: Performance Art

Heather: Graphic Design

Michael: Anthropology


What has been your most challenging class?

Jack: Business Law

Heather: Math

Michael: Composition


What was your biggest academic hurdle?

Jack: Writing papers

Heather: Meeting deadlines

Michael: Time management


How did you overcome this hurdle?

Jack: I used the help of my learning specialist and assistive technology to help me overcome my writing difficulties.

Heather: My learning specialist helped me become better organized to be more aware of deadlines, but it was also helpful to have faculty support and understanding.

Michael: My learning specialist has helped me become better organized.


What are you most excited to share with attendees at the ADDA conference?

Jack: How Beacon helped introduce me to the available strategies to help me succeed academically.

Heather: My college experiences and accomplishments.

Michael: The fact that it’s possible for people with ADHD to be successful in a college environment.


What activities on campus helped you channel your ADHD?

Jack: I was able to become involved in art classes. A performance piece I created was accepted for an exhibition in Orlando, and it also won Best of Show in Beacon’s first ever juried student art show. I also was president of the College fraternity, co-creator of Activities Club, and an Orientation Leader. I really liked being able to just help out around the college, though. I would work with Ray, who is in charge of maintenance, and I also worked with Admissions, which I continue to do now as an intern.

Read more about Jack Callahan here.

Heather: I definitely think it helped with my creativity. This past year, I won a campus contest that required using a creative concept to illustrate our new College motto. And I liked being part of different groups around campus. For instance, I was part of the Camping Club. But I also liked just being able to help and my position as an RA. It always felt good to help out.

Michael: My position in Admissions as a Student Ambassador has helped me. I also like to participate in different activities and events that the College sponsors.

Have your questions answered:

These three talented students will be sharing their academic experiences and answering attendee questions at the ADDA ADHD Goes to College Preconference on July 24. Review the entire list of topics here. If you can’t make it to the conference and have a question you would like to ask one of our panelists, post your question on the Beacon College Admissions Facebook page, or send us a tweet @beacon_college