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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
— Lao Tzu

Summer Students Arriving And so began the 2018 Summer for Success program, Beacon College’s three-week summer college immersion program for students who learn differently.

With single steps, 58 students from 17 states and Puerto Rico and from Germany began their journeys of exploration, introspection, and evolution, testing — sometimes for the first time — independence, responsibility, and agency.

Three weeks from now, like caterpillars emerging from a chrysalis, students will emerge fundamentally changed — young men and women armed with study strategies and with the confidence that they can compete and excel on the collegiate level.

Book ’em, Dano!

Summer Students In Class Summer for Success instructors wasted no time hitting the books and introducing students to the Three R’s (College Edition).

Students plunged headfirst into writing for college, human behavior, collegiate math, anthrozoology, animation, and other courses that allowed them to sample college rigor and explore interests.

The Great Outdoors

Summer Students Outdoors Florida is famous for its sunshine and tropical climes, so Summer for Success instructors would be remiss not to allow their charges occasionally to play in the sunshine.

During an evening hike this week through Venetian Gardens, students communed with Mother Nature and gained a greater sense of the grandeur of our great big, blue marble.

A Dog’s Life

Dog Training On Thursday, Nick Nelson, a current Beacon College anthrozoology student, visited the Summer for Success “humans and animals” class with his partner Indie.

For his summer internship, Nelson is working with Boondocks K9 Search and Rescue Unit. He is responsible for training Indie as her full-time handler.

Nelson and his associate tutored students about what is involved in training these dogs for their search and rescue missions.

Students trekked to Venetian Gardens with a search and rescue demonstration using one of the Summer for Success Students, Evan Cuddington.

Hershey, a second dog, found him using the scent of Evan’s hat.

All Work and No Play? Not!

Summer Students Playing Pool

Between downtime after classes and planned off-campus excursions, Summer for Success students got to chill and thrill at playing video games, table tennis, billiards, and getting, well, trashed (in the silliest sense possible!).


Summer for Success in Thirty Seconds!