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massaging hands for self care As part of the college’s Resiliency Initiative, 12 Beacon students learned how to practice self-care through reflexology and hand massages.

The February event, “Self-Care: Reflexology and Hand-Massages,” emphasized the importance of self-care and how to practice it alone and with one’s partner through easy-to-follow steps.

“One of the most important things that people generally fail to do is self-care,” said Melissa Mayor, lead freshman learning specialist and academic advisor at the Beacon Center for Student Success. “Worrying about our significant other, our children, our best friends, roommates and everything that is going on in the world tends to trump the 15 minutes it takes to provide the self-care that can make a major difference in your life.”

Mayor demonstrated basic reflexology on the lower arm and hands, identifying specific pressure points for relieving back and neck pain, headaches, sinusitis, allergies, and throat pain. Students also learned about a unique pressure point called the “lesser place,” which Mayor said helps reduce fear, sadness, worry, agitation, and anxiety, and practiced techniques using scented Epsom salts, scented lotions and oils.

One big takeaway: performing self-massage on one’s hands, for instance, can reduce pain and anxiety, improve moods, lower blood pressure and stress levels, and led to better sleep.