ANZ 4400 Zoo Biology Teaching Assistant

Job title: ANZ 4400 Zoo Biology Teaching Assistant
Position type: Part-time
Pay rate and length: $11/hr. One Semester Spring 2023

Reports to: April Piazza-Shelp, Bryan Cushing
Department name and location: Anthrozoology, Off campus/on location

Position overview:
The roles of zoos and aquariums in conservation and research are explored along with the management of captive animal populations. TA will go with students to facilities weekly unless specified otherwise by instructor.

Primary functions:
TA will help organize weekly trips, be knowledgeable about agenda in order to guide and direct students, and otherwise aid instructor in successful execution of on-location learning.

Responsibilities and duties:
TA must attend each session unless excused by the instructor. If they cannot, they should advise the instructor. TA is expected to set a schedule and be available within reason to help tutor and/or provide group study sessions for students working on assignments outside of class. TA may be needed to set up exercises for the instructor at times.

TA will have already taken Zoo Biology and passed with a grade no less than a B average. Student must demonstrate appropriate tone and set boundaries for and with other students. Having completed a zoo or aquarium internship is preferred.

The employee may also be asked to perform duties not listed in the job description but which are considered to be essential to the employment position.

Job Category: Student Worker

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