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Larry Metz at Beacon College Representative Larry Metz accepted the College’s invitation to see firsthand the importance of Beacon College and its singular mission. After visiting briefly with Dr. Hagerty, Representative Metz had the opportunity to meet with a group of Student Ambassadors, all of whom are residents of Florida. Representative Metz shared his perspective on public services and its influence on education, and Beacon Student Ambassadors exchanged information on their college experience and their ambitions for the future.


Dr. Hagerty appreciated Representative Metz taking the time to visit, saying, “We were honored Beacon male student to welcome our Florida Representative, Larry Metz, to the Beacon College campus this morning. By meeting with our students from Florida, he was introduced to our richest human resources- our Student Ambassadors. They were fantastic in telling their stories about what makes the Beacon experience meaningful and different.”


The students were equally enthused about the opportunity to speak candidly to a Florida politician about their academic experiences at Beacon and, for a couple, at other colleges. Junior Carl Casimir commented, “It was a privilege to spend time with our Representative of Florida this morning, and I am glad that I too am a representative of Florida and of Beacon College.”


Beacon students speaking with Florida Representative Larry Metz Beacon male student SONY DSC SONY DSC

Beacon students meeting with Representative Larry Metz