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Dell Presentation
Dell executives (right to left) Steve Sturr and Will Browning inform Beacon students
about Dell summer internship opportunities.

Computers function using binary code, a base-2 numeric system.

Base-2 seemed apropos as a theme recently. Two Dell Technologies executives spent two days on campus recruiting two Beacon College students for summer internships at the Texas-based computer giant.

“Students will accrue evidence of their abilities and will make critical professional contacts to use when future employers ask for them,” says Esteban Lopez, director of corporate and academic outreach at Beacon College, says of the Dell internships.

Opportunity knocked in August thanks to goodwill of a Beacon parent.

Steve Sturr accompanied his daughter Sydney, a Beacon freshman, to student orientation. During the process, Sturr, vice president of infrastructure delivery services for Dell EMC — part of Dell Technologies, which equips clients with servers, storage, and data protection technologies — asked Beacon officials how he could support the college.

One word: internships.

With that answer, Sturr determined to include Beacon in Dell’s constant technology talent search.

“I noticed the capabilities within the student population and their drive to succeed,” he says. “This passion is something I look for when hiring, and knew creating an internship was a great first step.”

On Monday, Sturr, and Will Browning, director of infrastructure delivery services for Dell EMC, oriented students 38 students at the Career Development Center about Dell Technologies. The Fortune 500 company is based in Round Rock, TX. and employs some 138,000 employees worldwide. The duo later outlined what the paid internship program entails at a company that drives $64.8 billion in annual revenue.

The next day, they interviewed 10 sophomores, juniors, and seniors during 20-30 minute-long interviews.

“I was immediately impressed with the students’ confidence, comfort with communication, and ability to articulate their interests,” Sturr says. “The students have a strong sense of self and are able to create an environment for themselves in which they can succeed. It was clear to me the unique curriculum and strong faculty at Beacon College has had a meaningful impact on the students. The courses in technology, business and analytics are doing a great job to prepare students for the real world and finding jobs with long-term success.”

Two students within the next several weeks will be offered internships for summer 2018.

Such opportunities are the lifeblood for today’s jobseekers, Lopez says.

Eight-five percent of companies use internships programs to recruit for their full-time workforces,” he says. “Employers overwhelmingly point to internship experience as the most important factor they consider in hiring new college graduates for full-time positions. Students will gain industry specific knowledge that they won’t learn in the classroom. Being able to talk with people working in the field is priceless.”

Sturr’s outreach notwithstanding, business is business. Companies don’t gift internships — and job opportunities — out of altruism. Talent and diversity in the workforce, Sturr agrees, drive Dell’s interest.

“At Dell Technologies, we value our differences and see a diverse and inclusive workforce as a strength,” he says. “We believe all of our employees contribute in different ways and by working together we maximize their potential and our ability to better serve our customers. Beacon students understand their differences and know how to get the most out of what makes them unique. Dell believes in hiring employees who are passionate about serving our customers and this passion is alive in the students at Beacon College.”

Dinorah Ramos, director of the Career Development Center, expects the Beacon-targeted internships will continue annually at Dell. That relationship and topnotch experience computes to stronger resumes and more muscular skillsets for doing the heavy lifting of competing in the global marketplace.

“Bigger companies increase students’ chances and confidence to land their dream jobs,” Lopez says. “The right names and references in a resume can make a big difference to a prospective employer.”