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Melody Duckins Election campaigns are a marathons not sprints.

In her race to claim an open seat on the North Lake County Hospital Board NW, Melody Duckins won the first leg with a resounding victory in the August 18 Florida primary.

Duckins, the internship and cooperative education coordinator at the Beacon College Boven Career Development Center, earned a landslide victory over fellow Democrat Khalid Sattar, collecting 81 percent of the vote in the Seat 5 contest.

“I am extremely excited, yet humbled to have won the primary election by 81 percent,” Duckins said. “Winning the primaries means that I will run against a candidate from another party affiliation. That being said, the race is not over yet. I still need to win the general election on November 3rd.”

The Florida Legislature created the North Lake County Hospital District, an independent special district, to provide defray indigent care local hospitals and clinics provide. An elected, unpaid six-member board who reside in the district govern the district. Members may serve a maximum of two four-year terms. Annually, the board adopts a millage rate that dictates residents’ property tax and establishes the budget available to fund indigent care in North Lake County.

The general election is November 3.