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Beacon Biker Gala
Beacon College accepts its spoils: [Left to right: Jamie Fleming; Julie Fleming; Steven McDaniels; Sheri Waddill; and Marlene O’Toole.
Beacon College faculty and staff put on the Ritz recently while accepting a fundraising trophy at The Villages® Regional Hospital Auxiliary Foundation’s 12th Annual “Hearts for Our Hospital Gala.”

Beacon earned the award for securing the largest number of pledges for the 4th Annual Hearts for Our Hospital Bicycle Challenge in November. Team Beacon won the College Challenge Trophy competition in a race that is less concerned with who wins than raising pledges. Beacon retains the trophy for one year — unless the school brings in big pledges again next year.

Team Beacon was represented by: Carl Casimir (10 miles), Deanna Czerepak (10 miles); Nate Judge (10 miles); Steven McDaniels (10 miles); Rashad Neal (10 miles); Marc Roberts (10 miles); Madison Stough (10 miles); Jamie Fleming (32 miles); Dave Brown (64 miles); and Sheri Waddill (64 miles).

The Feb. 10 gala raised money for The Villages® Regional Hospital.