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Beacon Ballers 2018
Beacon Ballers: (kneeling) #32 Cortavis Watts; #20 Tariq Gore; #17; Coach Carl Casimir; #11 Brandon Wedderburn; #0 Gianni Conti; and #Winston Jones. (Standing) #24 Baxter Berle; #14 Brandon Spears; #42 Stephen Scott Edwards; #5 Kelvin Dent; #18 Shedrick Saunders; #10 Kendall Augustine; #9 Bryce Garg; and #72 Emmanuel McCrea. Not pictured: #36 – Leonard Valentino

When they’re not studying up in the classroom, a certain group of Beacon students are hooping it on the hardwood.

Beacon’s basketball club, the Beacon Ballers, are competing in tournament play and barnstorming the country playing Division 1 school club teams.

Sports clubs, as opposed to intramural sports, involve students who form a club and compete against other college sports clubs. Intramural sports involve students forming sporting teams that compete against other student teams from within the same college.

So far, the Ballers have battled squads from Clemson, North Carolina State, and Coastal Carolina University, says Steven McDaniels, director of fitness and recreation.

Two tourneys remain this season. Match-ups for the Ballers will be determined closer to the tournaments.

Their season record stands at 0-3. Yet, McDaniels believes the squad will finish strong.

“The Beacon Ballers said that they are going to use their first-ever tournament as a learning experience,” he says. “They are going to regroup and improve on things that they can help them improve their performances in upcoming tournaments.”

The Ballers final tournaments are February 23-15 at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Ga. and March 23-25 at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Fla.