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Beacon College writing consultant and artist Dr. Ray Nault celebrated having two woodblock prints accepted into the 38th International Yoshida Hanga Academy exhibition, staged from March 27 through April 11 in Tokyo.

The Hanga Academy Exhibition is an annual event open for members of the Yoshida Hanga Academy, one of the most influential schools for Japanese woodblock printing.

“Patchwork,” Nault said “is what happens when window designs from Christian, Islamic, and Jewish places of worship are overlaid upon each other.”

His second print, “Madam I Madam,” depicts “Eve and Adam as Eve communicates to Adam while the fruit is still in her throat,” he said.

Nault previously has mounted exhibitions throughout Japan and around the world including at the Yoshida International Hanga Academy 30th Exhibition in Montbell, Shibuya; Osaka; Kyoto, and nine other cities, Menshokai 39th (Noh Mask) exhibition. Yokohama Civic Art Gallery, Yokohama, and Oji Paper Museum. Oji-City, Tokyo.