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Nesbitt, William - 2016 Dr. William Nesbitt applies his critical eye to two volumes of poetry in recently published reviews featured in a national online literary journal.

Nesbitt, an associate professor of English and chair of the humanities department at Beacon College in Leesburg, Fla. — the first higher-education institution accredited to award bachelor’s degrees exclusively to students who learn differently, analyzed Plunk and This Present Moment for Route 7 Review. Dixie State University’s English Department produces the national online journal.

With Plunk, written by Tom C. Hunley, an English professor at Western Kentucky University, Nesbitt singles out the poem “Um,” a piece that explores sputtering attempts at verbal connection. Nesbitt observes, “through the poem we realize that our failed attempts at communication are just another one of those ‘awful noises’.”

Route 7 Literary Journal This Present Moment is the latest collection by Gary Snyder, an award-winning essayist, poet and member of the Beat Generation. Snyder won a Pulitzer Prize for his 1975 collection Turtle Island. Of his latest volume, Nesbitt writes the 80-something poet “demonstrates a steady, unhurried, concentrated mind.”

Noting Snyder’s observation that “Every action and moment is a potential ‘hinge in time’,” Nesbitt concludes: “Documenting the later moments of Snyder’s existence, this collection is more than a hinge; it is a handhold. Even though we know the best thing to do is let go, sometimes there’s something sweet about hanging on a just a little bit longer.”

You can read Dr. William Nesbitt’s full reviews at http://www.route7review.com/#!i2016/zl4d7.