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Dr. Brian W. Ogle presented several workshops and a poster on teaching science to students with learning disabilities and on alternatives to dissection at the National Conference on Science Education.

Ogle, an assistant professor of anthrozoology and chair of humanities and general education at Beacon College in Leesburg, Fla., joined more than 12,000 educators from around the United States at the event, hosted by the National Science Teachers Association, to explore issues and best practices related to science education.

In Ogle’s first session, he lectured 125 educators on improving instructional practices in science courses to better serve students with a learning disability. He shared research-supported practices to serve this unique student population and discussed the discipline-specific challenges both students and educators confront.

A two-hour workshop focused on serving underprepared students in college science courses followed that session. Facilitated by NSTA’s Post-Secondary Education Committee, Ogle was among a quartet of experts who shared during this workshop easy-to-implement strategies that produce immediate and sustained impacts in the classroom. This workshop focused on serving underprepared students in college science courses.

Ogle’s final workshop demonstrated ways to replace dissection in the classroom and to integrate humane science education curriculum in the K-12 science course.

During the Society for College Science Teachers’ poster session, Ogle presented findings from his recent research on teaching college science to students with a learning disability.