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Beacon College is actively seeking a new mascot, and members of the Beacon Community are invited to be the designer. Though we have been aptly named the Beacon College Navigators, we have never had a true mascot to illustrate this name. With Beacon merchandise popular on campus and with a goal of increasing student sports, there is a definite need to have a mascot that reflects our collective identity.

During the fall semester, students were surveyed to find out what new merchandise they would like to see in the Beacon Bookstore. One overwhelming response- Beacons needs a mascot to show off on apparel. As a student focused campus, we strive to listen and respond to desires such as these. Therefore, a campus contest was conceived to create our new Beacon mascot.

Anyone connected with Beacon College- students, employees, alumni, parents- are invited to participate in this contest. The prize is an iPad Mini, bragging rights, and the pride of seeing your creative design on Beacon apparel!

The contest is now open, and the deadline for submissions is Monday, April 6th by 5pm. Mascot representations may be presented as a line drawing or as a digital work of art. Only original artwork will be accepted. Participants may submit multiple entries, but each must be submitted separately.

The winning design will be selected through a combination of private and public judging. A small team will be assembled on campus to winnow the field down to the top three candidates. Once this decision has been made, voting will be made public and open to the entire extended Beacon Community through the Facebook page.

We’ve already received some creative and well designed entries. We even have a tagline suggestion from Dr. Huff for the first t-shirt to utilize this design- Beacon College Navigators: Still Undefeated.

Good luck to all of you participating! During the second week of April, look for information on voting for the final winner.