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Soccer Club began last year and quickly became popular with both staff and students at Beacon College. On Wednesday evenings, the players assemble for a quick lesson and warm-up, followed by a friendly scrimmage. Oftentimes, the game progresses until it’s too late to see the ball anymore. While the highlight of the semester is the end of the semester staff versus students official game, members of this club have a lot of fun at practice each week. All skill levels are represented, and anyone is welcome to come play or just root on the players.

The Club is currently organized by Josh Grover as the staff advisor, and student Victor Parreiras is the president. Since the students have won each official game so far, one of the major goals for Josh is to recruit more faculty/staff to join the team and provide a better chance against the talented and athletic students. Whoever wins, though, this club provides a great way to get to interact with different people on campus to get to know students, faculty and staff better. The social aspect of the club adds to the benefits of getting some great exercise, practice playing a sport, and enjoying the beautiful weather.

The plan is to have an official game at the end of the semester; however, more faculty and staff are needed to have enough people to field a team.  Recent news of an athletic field addition to the Beacon College campus has the club excited about the possibility of having a field of their own to play on. Though practices and games are always well attended, this would generate even more interest.  There would also be the possibility of holding more than one official game during the semester and even several different teams. For now, Soccer Club can be caught on Wednesday nights at the Sleepy Hollow Field in Leesburg starting at 5:15pm. Come out and join the fun!

~ Rachel Yellon & Gretchen Dreimiller