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Russ Bellamy Art Exhibit


Beacon College studio arts chair Russell Bellamy explores the intersection of urban and bucolic life in his new exhibition at the Webber Gallery at the College of Central Florida.

Russ Bellamy “Pre-Conception” melds industrial materials and processes into challenging works that comment on labor, sociological/psychological structures, and behavioral expectations.

“I am influenced by the proximity of urban and rural landscapes and the mutually beneficial structures and aesthetics that create the areas and spaces in between,” Bellamy said.

That intersection often leaves him “straddling the lines of laborer and intellectual, urban and rural as well as agricultural and industrial.”

It’s a tightrope walk that likely owes to where Bellamy’s put down roots.

“Growing up in Kentucky, I lived in a city with a strong industrial history however the city was completely surrounded by agriculture,” he said. “This has also been the case for my time in Ohio, Oklahoma and Florida. These geographical areas are where ideas and processes are shared, political, religious and idealistic conflicts are common but some of the finest, most passionate, intelligent and well-grounded members of our communities are raised.”

“Pre-Conception” is open at the College of Central Florida through November 5.