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Anthrozoology conference
Dr. Brian Ogle and Beacon College anthrozoology students at the ISAZ conference.

In July, Beacon College’s anthrozoology faculty served as the local conference committee for the 2019 International Society for Anthrozoology’s annual conference in Orlando, Fla.

Dr. Brian Ogle served as the conference chair and facilitated the 18-month planning process.

From July 1-4, 200 attendees gathered to share and discuss recent research in the field of anthrozoology. The conference theme was “Animals in the Public Eye: Human Interactions and Perceptions of Animals.” This theme emphasized examining topics related to animal-assisted interventions, zoos, wildlife, companion animals in society, and the process by which we educate about animals.

Eleven Beacon students attended the conference, including three who shared their research during a special podium session.

“The selection as a conference host is a high honor in the organization,” Ogle said, “and we are grateful to the ISAZ organization for providing Beacon College with the opportunity to host the annual conference.”