Financial Aid Portal

Here are some essential resources for the financial aid application process.  You will use some of them (like FSAID) only once, but others will be useful each year you apply for financial aid.

Beacon College School Code: FAFSA 033733

Resource What it is When to use it
FSAID Application for Federal Student Financial Aid ID The first time you apply for financial aid.
FAFSA Federal Financial Aid Application Every year you want to apply for financial aid

  • Period is July 1 – June 30 each year
  • Priority deadline is March 1
SONIS Beacon College’s student information/ academic administrative system Whenever you want to check on the status of your award package in the Beacon Financial Aid system.
NDSLS National Direct Student Loan Portal Every year when you are expecting loans as part of your aid package.
FRAG Florida Resident Access Grant Every year when you apply for a FRAG as part of your aid package.
PLUS Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students Every year when qualifying parents of dependent students apply for loans to help bridge the gap.

Financial aid forms are in PDF format.
Download PDF Reader