Tuition & Financial Aid

An extraordinary value.

College is a significant investment, regardless of financial circumstances.  Many families ask what college costs and worry whether they can afford it.  But cost is probably the smallest aspect of the overall value equation.

What makes a good value in a college education is different for every family.  The real purpose of college is to offer preparation for a successful and fulfilling life.  This includes:

  • Interesting and challenging academic subject matter
  • Opportunities to discover and pursue passions outside the classroom
  • Safe and supportive living environments that encourage personal development
  • Hands-on exploration of career options
  • Guidance in acquiring the habits and skills necessary for success

The right college can make all the difference between thriving, coasting by or even worse.  Beacon College was built from the ground up for an extraordinary audience whose needs are often an afterthought in higher education:  students who learn differently (those with diagnosed learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADHD and related conditions). Everything we do is intended to help these students find and pursue their passions while acquiring all the life skills they need to function effectively, independently and successfully.

For most Beacon students, the question is not what it costs to attend; it’s what it costs not to attend.  On the following pages, you’ll find our current fee schedule, a comprehensive guide to financial aid sources, strategies for financing a college education, links to required forms and other helpful information.

Make the smart investment in higher education.