Parent FAQs

Check the Parent FAQs below for quick answers to frequently asked questions about the Beacon College Summer for Success program for high school students.

Are certain classes required?
All Summer for Success participants are required to take Writing an Effective Essay and Learning Essentials & Self-Discovery.

Will students choose their own electives and how many?
Students will indicate their top choices of electives, and will then be given one elective course on their schedules.

How do the electives work? How do they fit with the required courses?
Electives are academic courses from a variety of specialty or interest areas. Some of the electives may tie into the Writing an Effective Essay course in the sense that writing assignments may be guided by the elective topic.

What is the role of Beacon students in the program?
For every eight students in the program, there will be one Beacon student assigned as an advisor. The advisor will accompany students throughout their day, helping to monitor behaviors, provide guidance and support, and serve as peer tutors.

What are the Study Strategies labs?
Beacon College has a Writing Center and a Mathematics Lab. Both will be available as needed for students during study sessions and will be staffed with student workers.

Will there be a student participation/progress evaluation provided to parents?
Parents who are interested in receiving feedback on their student’s performance can receive email updates on a weekly basis.

How will medication be managed?
A nurse will be located in the Beacon College Student Health Center during office hours, and available by phone after hours.

Will there be combined activities with international students on campus?
There will be combined activities with international students on campus at lunchtime, during breaks, evenings, and on weekends.

Are all students required to participate in the travel activities?
Yes, all students will participate in travel activities.

What is the College’s policy on substance abuse and standards of behavior?
Beacon College is a drug and alcohol free campus. The same standards of behavior will be followed that are in the current Beacon College Student Handbook.  In addition, there will be an 11 p.m. “lights out” curfew as shown in the daily schedule.