It probably won’t surprise you to learn that Beacon College was founded by a group of parents over 25 years ago. These College Founders were searching for the right college for their students. They quickly became discouraged when they discovered the inadequate services offered at traditional colleges and universities. While certainly today more robust services are available at colleges nationwide, these services do not compare to those offered at Beacon College. Why is Beacon’s educational environment so unique? Because the entire College–every aspect of the College–is focused on your student’s individual learning needs and your student’s success beyond Beacon College.

At a more traditional college or university the conversation does not revolve around how to make the curriculum and learning more available to students who learn differently. Faculty typically use teaching techniques geared to the average learner. They do not tackle the tougher issues of teaching to a variety of different learning styles. This is why the Beacon College faculty is different and why your student becomes so empowered and confident in their ability to learn. The faculty possess the passion and commitment to reach every student-learner, regardless of the challenge. It is assumed that every student admitted to Beacon College has the intellectual capacity to achieve both in their studies at Beacon, and also be successful in the workplace.

You know your student better than anyone. You know how important it is to select the right college; for this is a unique chapter in your student’s life. The college journey represents the transition to independence and responsible adulthood that can be daunting for many students with learning differences. At Beacon College our job is devoted to your student’s ability to lead a full and rewarding life. Poised for the future and prepared to accomplish. Based on Beacon’s remarkable student outcomes “we are the best at what we do.”

As you learn more about Beacon College, it may be helpful to know that our location in central Florida, a short distance from Orlando, is of great benefit to our students seeking internships and work experience with major corporations and employers nearby. Already Disney, Jet Blue, Southwest, Sea World, JP Morgan, etc. are working with Beacon to create unique student/employer work opportunities. We know the transition to work for students with learning differences can be difficult. We want to assure that Beacon College students enter the marketplace confident and with the necessary work-related skills. Our corporate partners share our vision of a promising and satisfying future for Beacon College graduates.

Beacon College is still accepting applications for the upcoming semester, and scholarships are still available for qualifying students. As the admissions process is competitive, it is recommended that students apply early. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis until the fall class of 100 students is full. Students seeking financial assistance should contact the admissions office. Limited Beacon College scholarships are available on a first come first serve basis.

Preparing for the Transition to College

Parents, are you looking for ways to best support your college-bound student with learning differences as they navigate the college choice, financial aid, and final IEP meeting? Introducing Beacon College’s new Parent Learning Series – a five-part webinar series designed to increase awareness and understanding of the unique challenges facing students with learning differences as they prepare for the transition to college.

This program is designed for parents of students who currently are enrolled in high school and prepares them for the common struggles and questions that arise as they embark on the next stage of their journey.

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Feel free to contact us at any stage in the process to discuss your questions with an Admissions counselor.

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