Navigator PREP

9-Month Program: November 13, 2023 – August 19, 2024
6-Month Program: February 12, 2024 – August 19, 2024

Since 2018, Navigator PREP’s virtual program has been preparing capable and talented students who learn differently for the realities of college.

Now more than ever, students are stressed in their college environment, leading to increased attrition and higher rates of transfer. Students are less likely to receive their accommodations. Graduation rates are extending to 6 years or longer.

Navigator PREP proactively addresses these stressors up to nine months before a student arrives at their chosen college. Together, students and parents learn how to connect to their college of choice and its students — and how to maximize the resources and support of faculty and staff.


  • Up to 9 months of skill-based strategies
  • For students entering any college in the nation
  • Focus on executive functioning, and social and emotional regulation skills
  • Unique inclusion of parents
  • Individual and group-based instruction with a dedicated transition counselor

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For High School Seniors, Gap Year, and Transfer Students

Student and parent at home

Navigator PREP

This core program for students attending any college nationally works with each student to identify where they are in terms of college readiness. Your personal transition counselor creates a strategy unique to that individual — this may include executive function, social integration, emotional regulation, or other skills. Our staff also recognizes the important role of the family and proactively engages them in this process.

Student meeting with faculty member

Navigator PREP Plus

For students enrolling at Beacon College, the final 3 months of the program include an overview of specific Beacon resources. This allows you to spend the summer before you enter Beacon getting to know other students, meeting your residential and academic support staff, and preparing for life at Beacon. Plus, you’ll move in one day early for a special welcome dinner for Navigator PREP students!

Students working at Macs

Students without Learning Differences

Navigator PREP is available to any student who would benefit from proactive college transition planning. This includes students who have difficulties in the areas of time management, planning and prioritizing assignments, or would benefit from personalized coaching on how to navigate campus life, mental health resources, support services, and academic affairs.


Navigator PREP is the first and only virtual college readiness program of its kind for students who learn differently and their families. Aimed at students entering Beacon College or other universities within the next six to twelve months, Navigator PREP uses a virtual model and a skill-based curriculum to develop students’ executive functioning, social and emotional regulation skills. There is also a focus on providing support to parents, as Navigator PREP actively addresses the separation process and the normative experiences that families go through during this adjustment.

As students and parents develop a ‘tool box’ of skill-based strategies, their Transition Counselor will help frontload essential information regarding campus life, academics, and support services to ensure there is a proactive action plan that enhances post-secondary independence.


Students can enter Navigator PREP anytime from November – May. For the nine-month program, families receive nearly fifty points of contact through individual sessions, webinars, newsletters, and check-ins. All students complete Beacon College’s Transition Questionnaire and receive a final extensive Transition Report that focuses on strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations. For students coming to Beacon College, this report is dispersed throughout support services to help proactively establish a transition plan prior to orientation.

The cost of the program is determined based on the time of enrollment in the program and the college the student chooses to attend.

What Students Say

“The overall experience I had was extremely beneficial and helpful. It taught me skills and helped instill confidence about transitioning to College. (My Transition Counselor) was a wonderful instructor and he has my highest thanks!”
“Overall experience was good because I got to tell my concerns to my Transition Counselor. They got to know me as a learner and a person. Now other staff know more about me. Really nice transition to College!”
“It helped me be less nervous about starting college and helped me be more prepared. Creating a scheduled routine for each class helped me have a more organized day.”

What Parents Say

“This was the most helpful high school-to-college transition program I have ever encountered. The communication and coordination of the program were exellent. I felt like the Transition Counselor’s summary of my daughter was accurate and insightful, with specific personalized recommendations that will help.”
“I was truly impressed with the caliber and content of this program and it went beyond my expectations. This program has also managed to engage my daughter so that she has a concept of what is expected of her.”
“The program greatly surpassed our expectations. In addition to giving our daughter a comfort level with her transition, the tangible suggestions and skills the program focused on will maximize her academic and social growth. She also gained a lot of self-awareness and grew during the program.”

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