College Readiness & Transition Programs

Providing innovative and proactive transition programming based on student skill-based needs

Beacon’s Transition Center offers intentional, family-centered programs that provide psychoeducation, strategies, and experiences to prepare students and parents for life after high school. Programs include:

Navigator PREP

The country’s first virtual transition-to-college program engaging both students and parents. Available up to nine months before entering any college in the nation, Navigator PREP proactively addresses the executive functioning, social, and emotional regulation deficits that impede college success.

Navigator PREP Jr.

Navigator PREP Jr. is a virtual six-month program for current high school juniors to proactively prepare for the college application process and the transition to college through personalized coaching and hands-on activities that give them a headstart on their college search.

Summer for Success

This three-week campus immersion experience focuses on giving current high school sophomores, juniors and seniors who learn differently the skills, confidence and preparation to successfully transition to college.

Beacon Foundations

A virtual semester where recent high school graduates can earn up to nine general education college credits through live, multimodal learning. The program also features critical value-added support and individualized coaching to help students develop the executive functioning skills needed to succeed at their chosen college.

College Coaching

A virtual semester-long program where new, continuing or transitioning college students receive one-to-one coaching and support applying their skills within the social environment, academic rigor and independence of college life.

Questions? If you are not sure which program is right for you or would like to speak to a transition counselor, please call the Transition Center at 352-638-9777.