Summer for Success – Course Selection

As a Summer for Success student, you’ll choose one class each from Block A, Block B and Block C. Students in Summer for Success and the Imagination Experience must choose three of the five available independent living skills courses. After you are accepted to the Summer for Success program, you will be invited to complete your course selection online. Courses will fill up, so we encourage you to apply early if you are interested in the 2021 summer programs.

In the meantime, please explore the course options below and choose your favorites! Click each title for a complete course description.

Block A Course Options

  • History on Stage
    Broadway has always drawn inspiration from historical events. Whether it be Hamilton, The Sound of Music, or Jersey Boys, the stage has been a way to explore true stories in a musical way. In this course, you will look at the interplay of history and musical theater by focusing on a new Broadway show every day. You’ll explore where creative liberties were taken that veer away from the true history of the story!
  • Digital Illustration (Full – now enrolling for wait list only)
    Get your creative juices flowing as you create images in Adobe Illustrator®. You’ll discover the power of visual communication as you design images to meet specific communication goals. You also will learn techniques that will help you draw or collage to creative an effective messages to solve problems or inspire and motivate viewers. This course includes a capstone project.
  • Math Strategies (Full – now enrolling for wait list only)
    Nearly half of all college students fail freshman math. However, at Beacon College, nearly all our students successfully complete their math course, thanks to our individualized approach to mathematics and the support of artificial intelligence. This course is custom designed to meet you where you are in your math abilities. You’ll build your confidence and develop the fundamental skills needed for success across various college math courses.
  • Writing Strategies (Full – now enrolling for wait list only)
    Most colleges require at least one writing intensive course. Students who struggle with writing and reading often must take noncredit-bearing classes to prepare for the challenges of a more intensive writing class. This course will help you develop strategies to improve your understanding of academic text when writing and reading. You’ll also learn how to organize and plan your studies.

Block B Course Options

  • Caring for Animals (Full – now enrolling for wait list only)
    Do you have a special bond with animals? Come explore animal husbandry and welfare science as you work with our resident animals in Beacon’s Anthrozoology Lab. You’ll share in their overall care — from daily feedings, enclosure maintenance and cleaning protocols, enrichment, behavior and welfare monitoring. This course includes a capstone project.
  • College Readiness for Rising Juniors and Seniors
    This course will introduce you to the core skills needed for college success — and help you create a roadmap on how to get there! You’ll learn how to navigate the college search — from identifying the best target schools and support services for your needs to applying for maximum financial aid. You’ll write a college essay and even practice your college interview skills. You will also learn essential time management, organizational and study skills.
  • Hospitality & Event Management
    Do you learn best by doing? Do you love to travel? Are you someone who loves working with people? In this course, you’ll learn why hospitality is the world’s top industry and explore why Central Florida is one of the world’s most popular places to host special events like concerts, shows, and sporting events. This course includes a capstone event project.
  • Human Behavior (Full – now enrolling for wait list only)
    What’s going on in the human mind? Why do people do the things they do? This course provides an introduction to psychology and examines the mind, brain and human behavior. Gain a better understanding of your own thoughts, feelings and behaviors, as well as those of the people around you. This course includes a capstone project.
  • Web Design & Social Media
    Learn the basics of website design and the fundamentals of social media by experimenting with web essentials and develop your own website using sites such as You’ll gain an understanding of how to create a professional and effective social media presence online, why that’s important, and how social media correlates with the world wide web.

Block C Course Options

  • College Readiness for Students Entering College in Fall 2021
    This course will help prepare you to successfully navigate life on a new college campus — in and out of the classroom. You’ll learn practical strategies and explore the typical situations students face during their first year away from home. You’ll focus on effective decision making and problem solving, develop your organizational and study skill strategies, learn when and how to seek help for academic and lifestyle issues, and build your social skills.
  • History Inspiring Video Games (Full – now enrolling for wait list only)
    Some of the most popular video games are loosely based on historical events or time periods. Millions of players spend immersed playing out some of the greatest events in history, unaware of their connection to true events. In this course, you’ll take a deeper look behind the storylines, designs, and distinct details of videos that both recounts history and captures the attention of many. This course includes a capstone project.
  • SAT Preparation
    At many colleges and universities, your standardized test score is a pivotal factor in admission. If you learn differently, you may find yourself at a competitive disadvantage if you struggle with testing. In this course, you’ll learn test strategies geared toward the neurodiverse brain designed to increase the skills needed to perform well on the SAT or ACT. Coursework also includes a review of essential content plus practice tests to increase your confidence and performance.
  • Wildlife Field Studies & Conservation (Full – now enrolling for wait list only)
    You need not look far to discover wildlife all around you. In this course, you will investigate local wildlife species by conducting observations at a local green space and document your observations using a professional field journal. You’ll also be introduced to a variety of Project WILD activities. This course includes a capstone project.

Independent Living Skills Course Options

  • Financial Management
    Most students and parents are concerned about the financial independence that comes with college — from understanding the consequences of overspending to how to maintain a budget. In this week-long seminar, the focus will be on money management “best practices” to build your awareness of how to spend smart while also learning the fundamentals of financial literacy.
  • The Basics of Cooking
    You don’t have to turn to the Food Network to learn to cook! This seminar series will explore easy recipes that the whole family can enjoy. You’ll look at fundamentals of food safety, meal preparation tips and tricks, and cooking demonstrations to enhance your culinary creativity.
  • Emotional Self-Care
    Without a doubt, COVID has created a culture where many people may be struggling to manage their mental well-being. This seminar series will look at strategies around emotional self-care as we cope with COVID. Students will be able to normalize their experiences by learning mindfulness techniques, new ways of processing their thoughts and emotions, and prosocial behaviors to enhance personal well-being.
  • Essentials of Dorm Living
    Learn the fundamentals of creating an organized and clean living space in a college residence hall. You’ll participate in practical strategies and instruction to better understand how to independently manage your own living space.
  • Group Workouts
    Staying active is key to our mental and physical well-being at every stage of life. You’ll participate in daily fitness classes and explore different ways to work out and remain healthy. Classes will range from cardiovascular exercises to yoga and Zumba.