Summer For Success Virtually – Course Selection

Student Thinking

Course Selection for Blocks A and B: Please rank 1-3 for all classes offered in each block.

Block A

Writing Strategies for College: FULL – CAN BE ON WAITLIST!
Most colleges require at least one writing intensive course. Students who struggle with writing and reading often must take non-credit bearing courses to prepare for this intensive writing class. This course will help you develop strategies to improve your understanding of academic text when writing and reading.

Animals in the Spotlight: NEW!
This course will critically examine famous animals, real and fictional, across a diversity of media. The class would explore events surrounding these animals, reactions by people, and the impact on society. Students would be responsible for maintaining a blog, podcast, or other social media of their choosing, to engage in active reflection and analysis of course material.

History on Stage: NEW!
Broadway has always drawn inspiration from historical events. Whether it be Hamilton, The Sound of Music, or Jersey Boys, the stage has been a way to explore true stories in a musical way. This course will look at the interplay of history and musical theater by focusing on a new Broadway show each day, and where creative liberty has removed some of the accuracy of the story!

Block B

Technology Skills & Applications:
Now more than ever, technology has changed the way the world works. Individuals who understand how technology works and how to apply it are in high demand. Enhance your computer literacy and build your skills through this important course focusing on desktop productivity!

College Readiness 101:
This course will introduce you to the key concepts that are critical to effective decision-making – in and out of the college classroom. You’ll learn practical strategies and explore some of the typical situations students face during their first year away from home. Topics include effective organizational techniques, methods of problem-solving, and the essential social integration skills needed to navigate a new college campus.

Disney History & Fanfare: NEW!
Why are citizens of the world obsessed with Disney? Why do people flock to Central Florida throughout the year to take a picture with Mickey Mouse? This course will explore the history of the Disney, both the creation of the theme parks and the movies, and explore what draws billions of people to this entertainment source.

Math Strategies for College: FULL – CAN BE ON WAITLIST!
Nearly half of all college students fail freshman math. However, at Beacon College, nearly all our students successfully complete their math course, thanks to our individualized approach to mathematics and the support of artificial intelligence. This course is custom designed to meet you where you are in your math abilities. You’ll build your confidence and develop the fundamental skills needed for success across various college math courses.

College Planning During COVID: NEW!
Current sophomores and juniors in high school are now at a disadvantage when it comes to planning for post-secondary life due to the closure of colleges and the limited access to campuses. Knowing the college search process takes longer for students who learn differently, this disruption could have significant impacts on the student’s (and family) ability to plan accordingly. This course will work with current 10th and 11th graders on how to begin the college search process, and how to find information pertinent to their wants and needs.

The Science & Study of Human Behavior:
What’s going on in the human mind? Why do people do the things they do? This courses provides an introduction to psychology and examines the mind, brain and human behavior. Gain a better understanding of your own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, as well as those of the people around you.

Independent Living Selection

Please rank 1-4 for the first week of the program.

At-Home Workouts
Students will have an intense and creative fitness class each day to explore different ways to work out and remain healthy. Classes may include cardiovascular exercises, yoga, or Zumba as a means to showcase how individuals can remain fit, even when quarantined!

Financial Management
Most students and parents are concerned about the financial independence that comes with college. Understanding cause and effect, consequences of overspending, or maintaining a budget, are all skills often not directly taught in the classroom. This week-long seminar will focus on money management best practices to enhance student awareness of spending while also teaching fundamentals of financial literacy.

The Basics of Cooking
You don’t have to turn to the Food Network to learn to cook! This seminar series will explore easy recipes that the whole family can enjoy. You’ll look at fundamentals of food safety, meal preparation tips and tricks, and cooking demonstrations to enhance your culinary creativity.

Emotional Self-Care
Without a doubt, COVID has created a culture where many people may be struggling to manage their mental well-being. This seminar series will look at strategies around emotional self-care as we cope with COVID. Students will be able to normalize their experiences by learning mindfulness techniques, new ways of processing their thoughts or emotions, and prosocial behaviors to enhance personal well-being.

Please complete a Course Selection Form and return with your completed Application for Admission. Courses will not be assigned until after a student is admitted into the program.

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