Summer for Success – Course Selection

As a Summer for Success student, you’ll choose one class each from Block A, Block B and Block C. Students in Summer for Success and the Imagination Experience must choose three of the five available independent living skills courses.

At this time most courses are full for the 2022 program. If you are accepted for this year’s program and have not yet selected your courses, please contact Brody Glidden at (352) 913-4104 or to finalize your course selection.

Block A Course Options

  • Math Strategies
    Nearly half of all college students fail freshman math. But nearly all Beacon students complete their math requirements, thanks to our individualized approach to math and use of artificial intelligence. We’ll meet you where you are in math to build your confidence and skills.
  • Introduction to College Reading
    One of the major shifts from high school to college is the amount of out-of-class required reading. This course will introduce you to a wide variety of college-level texts — textbooks, novels, articles, or primary sources — and new strategies to enhance global reading skills.
  • Introduction to Robotics
    This is an overview of the history, technology, and processes associated automation and robotics. You’ll explore the engineering design process, learn problem-solving and programming skills to build and code robots to solve real-world, project-based activities.
  • Web Design & Social Media
    Learn the basics of website design and the fundamentals of social media by experimenting with web essentials and developing your own website using sites such as You’ll gain an understanding of how to create a professional and effective social media presence online.
  • All Things Broadway
    Musicals have been an American staple since the early 20th century. Shows like Wicked, Hamilton, and Rent have allowed theatergoers to escape into new worlds. You’ll explore the history of Broadway in New York City, focusing on many classic and beloved shows of all time.
  • Visual Journaling
    Explore the art of visual journaling as it relates to your unique experiences while attending Beacon’s Summer for Success Program. Creative expression and communication will be explored through drawing, painting, collage, writing and sketch notetaking.

Block B Course Options

  • Writing Strategies
    Do you struggle with writing and reading? In college, you’ll need to take at least one intensive writing class. This course will help you develop strategies to improve your understanding of academic text when writing and reading, and how to organize and plan your studies.
  • Caring for Animals
    Do you have a special bond with animals? Come explore animal husbandry and welfare science as you work with our resident animals in Beacon’s Anthrozoology Lab. You’ll share in every aspect of their overall care. This course includes a capstone project.
  • Digital Illustration
    Get your creative juices flowing as you create images in Adobe Illustrator®. Discover the power of visual communications as you design images to meet specific goals and learn techniques to create effective messages to inspire, problem solve and motivate. Includes a capstone project.
  • Human Behavior & Society
    Explore human behavior through the lens of biology, psychology, and the social environment. Study the theories behind human behavior in different social settings and explore its impact on larger social issues such as oppression, racism, and violence.
  • The History of Video Games
    Tennis for Two was dubbed the first video game in 1958. Today, video games are a billion-dollar empire that connects people from around the world. This course will explore the vast history of video games, diving deeper into the development of different systems, themes, and technology.

Block C Course Options

  • College Readiness 101 (Seniors)
    This course will help prepare you to successfully navigate life on a new college campus — in and out of the classroom. You’ll learn practical strategies and explore the typical situations students face during their first year away from home. You’ll focus on effective decision making and problem solving, develop your organizational and study skill strategies, learn when and how to seek help for academic and lifestyle issues, and build your social skills.
  • Career Exploration
    Career planning is an essential part of the college experience. In this course, you’ll take assessments to better understand your passions and skills, explore career paths, learn the basics of résumés and cover letters — and practice the social skills needed to interview.
  • Wildlife Field Studies & Conservation
    You need not look far to discover wildlife all around you. In this course, you’ll investigate local wildlife species by conducting observations at a local green space, document your observations
    using a professional field journal, and explore Project WILD programs. Includes a capstone project.
  • Introduction to Videography
    What does it take to create a TV show — or a short Tik-Tok video? Find out in this course! You’ll brainstorm ideas, script, shoot video, capture audio and perform on camera — plus explore various tools and perform a green screen project with editing using Adobe Premiere®.
  • Human Behavior & Criminology
    In this course, you’ll explore the complex web of factors contributing to criminal behavior. Topics may include personality development, risk factors and social/cultural pressures, as well as deviant behavior, and the DSM classification method of mental disorders.
  • Introduction to Hospitality Management
    Do you learn best by doing? Do you love to travel? Discover why hospitality is the world’s top industry and explore why Central Florida is one of the world’s most popular places to host special events like concerts, shows, and sporting events. Includes a capstone event project.

Independent Living Skills Course Options

  • Financial Management
    Most students and parents are concerned about the financial independence that comes with college — from understanding the consequences of overspending to how to maintain a budget. In this week-long seminar, the focus will be on money management “best practices” to build your awareness of how to spend smart while also learning the fundamentals of financial literacy.
  • The Basics of Cooking
    You don’t have to turn to the Food Network to learn to cook! This seminar series will explore easy recipes that the whole family can enjoy. You’ll look at fundamentals of food safety, meal preparation tips and tricks, and cooking demonstrations to enhance your culinary creativity.
  • Emotional Self-Care
    Without a doubt, COVID has created a culture where many people may be struggling to manage their mental well-being. This seminar series will look at strategies around emotional self-care as we cope with COVID. Students will be able to normalize their experiences by learning mindfulness techniques, new ways of processing their thoughts and emotions, and prosocial behaviors to enhance personal well-being.
  • Essentials of Dorm Living
    Learn the fundamentals of creating an organized and clean living space in a college residence hall. You’ll participate in practical strategies and instruction to better understand how to independently manage your own living space.
  • Group Workouts
    Staying active is key to our mental and physical well-being at every stage of life. You’ll participate in daily fitness classes and explore different ways to work out and remain healthy. Classes will range from cardiovascular exercises to yoga and Zumba.