Summer For Success Courses


CORE COURSES: Get Ready For Success

Based on school and student responses to a post-admission questionnaire, students will be assigned to ONE core course:

Writing Strategies for College
Most colleges require at least one writing intensive course. Students who struggle with writing and reading often must take non-credit bearing classes to prepare for an intensive writing class. This course will help you develop strategies to improve your understanding of academic text when writing and reading. You’ll also learn how to organize and plan your studies.


Preparing for College Mathematics
Nearly half of all college students fail freshman math. But at Beacon, nearly all our students successfully complete their math courses, thanks to our individualized approach to mathematics and the support of artificial intelligence. This course is custom designed to meet you where you are in your math abilities. You’ll build your confidence and develop the fundamental skills needed for success across various college math courses.

Elective Course Selection & Explore Your Interests!

Choose two electives. Each course includes authentic, project-based work through a capstone experience. Capstones develop your executive functioning and collaborative skills by actively teaching planning, prioritizing, time management and social skills.

Download the Course Selection Form and submit it with your elective selection.

Special Dynamic: Humans & Animals
Anthrozoology studies human-animal interaction. In this hands-on course, you’ll explore the relationships that develop between humans and animals. Whether in our homes, in shelters, on farms, in zoos or aquariums, animals are in integral part of the human experience. Topics include shelter operation, cat colonies and stray dogs, service animals vs. emotional support animals, and more!

People, Wildlife & Wild Places
We now live in the age of Anthropocene, a new geological age named for humanity’s impact on climate and the environment. In this course, you’ll explore conservation issues and solutions from an anthrozoological perspective. Topics include endangered species, wildlife protection, human wildlife conflict, government agencies and conservation laws, research and strategies.

Digital Video
Editing digital video and audio is an essential part of developing multimedia web content for education, entertainment, business & advertising. Students in this class learn both the technical and artistic aspects of video post-production, and experiment with visual effects – including digital animation and green screen compositing.

Introduction to Theater Arts
The world of Broadway is brought to life in this course as students explore the elements of theater production, design and performance. You’ll develop your acting ability while also learning the steps needed to create and produce short live performances. You’ll also have the opportunity to improve your overall performance art skills in singing, dancing, improvisation and more.

College Readiness 101
This course will introduce you to key concepts that are critical to effective decision-making – in and out of the college classroom. You’ll learn practical strategies and explore some of the typical situations students face during their first-year away from home. Topics include effective organizational techniques, methods of problem-solving and the essential social skills needed to navigate a new college campus.

Technology Skills & Applications
Technology has changed the way the world works. Individuals who understand how technology works and how to apply it are in high demand. Enhance your computer literacy and build your skills through this important hands-on course focusing on desktop productivity. Learn how to use technology to work faster and solve problems.

The Science & Study of Human Behavior
What’s going on in the human mind? Why do people do the things they do? This course provides an introduction to psychology and examines the mind, brain and human behavior. Gain a better understanding of your own thoughts, feelings and behaviors, as well as those of the people around you.

Foundations of Art
Drawing, painting, and sculpture are forms of visual thinking that let you express emotion or record a moment in time. Learning the basic methods and techniques of art can help you develop focus, improve your concentration, jumpstart your creativity and develop a greater appreciation for the artistic process.

Please complete a Course Selection Form and return with your completed Application for Admission. Courses will not be assigned until after a student is admitted into the program.

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