Summer For Success Courses

Summer for Succes Commencement

Summer for Success Commencement 2016

CORE COURSES: Get Ready For Success

Join your fellow summer students in two required core classes that will prepare you to be a more effective and confident learner:

Writing an Effective Essay

Develop your skills in writing multi-paragraph essays with emphasis on exposition, including the selection, restriction, organization and development of topics. This experience will be valuable as you write your personal essay for your college application.

Learning Essentials & Self-Discovery

Learn how your choices directly impact your opportunities for greater success in college and life. Topics include accepting personal responsibility, discovering self-motivation, mastering self-management, employing interdependence, gaining self-awareness, adopting habits of life-long learning and self-advocacy, developing emotional intelligence, believing in oneself, and identifying individual learning styles and effective learning strategies.

ELECTIVES: Explore Your Interest

Advance your college skills or explore your personal interests through one of the following electives:

Building Research Skills Needed for College

This course provides an introduction to the information research process, including methods for locating, evaluating and citing both internet and database sources.  The course will incorporate hands-on computer exercises, discussion, and in-class group-work.

Preparing for College Mathematics

In this computational review and practice, you’ll prepare for the demands of college-level math through a focus on whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios, proportions, practical applications and word problems.

Chill & Be Still! An Introduction to the Power of Mindfulness

Create more peace, focus and joy in your life though this interactive, hands-on class focused on mindfulness. Learn practical strategies to reduce stress and to accept and embrace the “now” while discovering and developing your strength, wisdom and social/emotional potential.

Improving Reading Skills

In this course, you will develop your reading strategies to enhance your comprehension. Strategies for reading both fiction and nonfiction will be explored.

Digital Video

This course is an introduction to both the technical and artistic aspects of digital video production. Through a series of exercises and projects, students will experience all aspects of video production from creating storyboards and animatics in pre-production, then shooting their own footage, and finally polishing their production with editing, visual effects, and/or animation.

Digital Photography

Explore photography as a digital medium of visual expression.  Image capture, composition, lighting, color, and subject matter are examined and artistically manipulated.

Introduction to Food Preparation

Learn the fundamental concepts, skills and techniques involved in basic cookery, with a special focus on the study of ingredients, cooking theories and the preparation of stocks, soups, thickening agents and the grand sauces. Lectures and demonstrations also will teach you organization skills in the kitchen and knife skills.

Multimedia Fashions

This course provides a study of the elements and principles of three-dimensional design as they relate to the composition and design processes. Students will organize a fashion runway show to model wearable multimedia fashion(s) created during class.

Animal Science

Not all science is done using microscopes and test tubes. In order to care for any animals, many different fields of science need to be applied. In this course, students will explore careers with animals, how to care for animals, and sample different types of science used in animal facilities.

Introduction to Equine Science

Elective course designed for students with an interest in equine science. This elective course introduces the students to horse handling and safety that emphasizes the proper way to handle the horse in a variety of situations. Also, this course introduces basic equestrian riding skills necessary for all levels (beginner or advanced) of riders to prepare and ride the horse in a disciplined, safe, and harmonious manner at walk and trot. (Requires $800 fee due to nature of the course.)

Study Strategies Labs

All your classes will be supported by Study Strategies Labs at Beacon’s proven Writing Center and Math Lab that will help you maximize what you’ve learned in the classroom.

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