Beacon Boost Virtual Summer Program

July 11 – 30, 2021

A Virtual Summer Program Introducing Students who are Neurodiverse to Elements of College Life

Please note: The 2021 Beacon Boost summer program is no longer accepting applications at this time. For additional options, click here to learn more about our on-campus summer program for high school students.

What Is Beacon Boost?

Beacon’s 3-week virtual Boost program offers you and your college-bound rising high school sophomore, junior or senior an all-new approach that recognizes the unique learning needs of neurodiverse students in a digital environment. It features the same expert staff and faculty as our on-campus program and build on our two years of national leadership in online college transition support.

Beacon Boost is unlike any other summer program available to students who learn differently. This unique virtual learning experience provides a comprehensive and collaborative learning opportunity where students and families are supported with structured programming that enhances college readiness skills from the security of their home environment, while providing them with the tools to maximize virtual learning.

It’s designed to help students:

  • Develop their academic skills
  • Build their self-confidence and independent living skills
  • Support their mental health and well-being
  • Expand their network of friends nationwide

Who Should Enroll?

This program is designed to support current high school freshmen, sophomores and juniors who:

  • Want a shorter, less immersive campus experience
  • Would like to “test drive” Beacon’s summer experience
  • Aren’t yet ready to commit to a full campus-based summer program

Academic Curriculum

Students in the Beacon Boost will take one each of the following types of virtual classes – click to read full descriptions of each option.

Block A – An elective class based on area of interest (Choose 1)

  • Disney History & Fanfare
    Why are people of all ages from around the world obsessed with Disney? Why do they flock to Orlando year round to experience the world of fantasy created by Disney? This course will explore the history of The Walt Disney Company — both the creation of its four theme parks and Disney movie productions — and explore what draws billions of people to this entertainment giant.
  • Web Design & Social Media
    Learn the basics of website design and the fundamentals of social media by experimenting with web essentials and developing a website using sites such as Gain an understanding of creating a professional and effective social media presence online, why that’s important, and how social media correlates with the web.
  • The Zoology of Zoos
    Explore the foundations of zoology within a zoo operations framework. Students will become a zookeeper for a certain species and apply zoological foundations toward animal-keeping methods. For the capstone project, students will design an enclosure for their wildlife species that balances the needs of the animals with the interests and safety of zoo visitors.

Block B – An academic strategy class to build math or writing skills (Choose 1)

  • Math Strategies
    Nearly half of all college students fail freshman math. But at Beacon, nearly all our students successfully complete their math courses, thanks to our individualized approach to mathematics and the support of artificial intelligence. This course is custom designed to meet students where they are in math.
  • Writing Strategies
    Most colleges require at least one writing intensive course. Students who struggle with writing and reading often must take noncredit classes to prepare for the challenges of a more intensive writing class. This course will help students develop strategies to improve their understanding of academic text when writing and reading. Students will also learn how to organize and plan their studies.

Block C – A college readiness class

  • College Readiness for High School Students
    This course will introduce students to the core skills needed for college success … and create a roadmap for how to get there. Students will learn how to navigate the college search — from identifying the best target schools and support services for their needs to applying for maximum financial aid. They will write a college essay and even practice their college interview skills. They also will learn essential time management, organizational and study skills.

Additional Programming

Independent Living Skills Courses

Students will participate in one independent living skill course per week to learn, enhance and practice essential tasks needed to increase personal independence.

  • Week 1: Financial Management
    Most students and parents are concerned about the financial independence that comes with college. Many students aren’t prepared for the consequences of overspending or know how to create a college living budget. This week-long seminar focuses on money management “best practices” to build a student’s awareness of smart spending and teach the fundamentals of financial literacy.
  • Week 2: Emotional Self-Care
    COVID has created a culture where many people struggle to manage their mental well-being. This seminar series will look at strategies around emotional self-care. Students will learn mindfulness techniques, new ways of processing their thoughts and emotions, and prosocial behaviors to enhance personal well-being.
  • Week 3: The Basics of Cooking
    This seminar series will explore easy recipes that the whole family can enjoy. Students will look at food safety fundamentals, learn meal preparation tips and tricks, and see cooking demonstrations to enhance culinary creativity.

Evening Programming

Students will get to know each other better by participating in programming designed to introduce them to social settings similar to what they’ll encounter in college:
Student Clubs: Meet Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Students will choose one interest-based club (E-Sports/Video Games, Movies/Theater)
Social Gatherings: Held Tuesdays and Thursdays

Value-added Support

Program Intervention: Students and parents alike will receive reminders via text message and/or email to help prompt students to join their session, or check in if they are not in attendance.
Transition Consultation: Beacon College’s Transition Center will schedule individual consultations with all families to explore post-secondary options, make recommendations, and answer questions about future planning.

Daily Schedule

The program runs every Monday through Friday, 12 noon to 7:30 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time), using 45-minute blocks. This schedule is designed to accommodate our learners across time zones and to allow plenty of time to get up and move around throughout the day.

12:00 – 12:15 p.m. EST
Community Meeting
12:30 – 1:15 p.m. EST
Block A Class
1:30 – 2:15 p.m. EST
Block B Class
2:30 – 3:15 p.m. EST
Block C Class
3:45 – 4:30 p.m. EST
Independent Living Skills
4:30 — 6:00 p.m. EST
6:00 — 7:30 p.m. EST
Evening Social Clubs & All-Program Events

Cost of Attendance, Financial Aid & Scholarships

The cost for the Beacon Boost Virtual Summer Program is $2,750 for three consecutive weeks of classes, extracurricular experiences and more. Scholarships and financial aid are available for students who qualify.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact the Beacon College Transition Center.

Beacon College, Transition Center
105 East Main Street
Leesburg, FL 34748
Phone (352) 638-9777
Fax (352) 787-0796