Peer Tutor Program

Peer Tutoring

Instituted in the fall of 2012 within the Center for Student Success, the Peer Tutor/TA Program at Beacon College has become an integral part of the Center’s support services. The goal of the Peer Tutor/TA program is to provide peer academic support, often holding study or homework-help sessions. The peer TAs assist and are accessible to students in their classes and for individual tutoring sessions though the Center for Student Success. TA/Peer Tutors are nominated by faculty members and go through an extensive training program.

Peer Tutor/TA schedules are posted each semester and distributed to each student via email. Any student interested in utilizing these services should contact the Peer Tutor/TA or your Learning Specialist.

Teaching Assistants


TAs are students who have taken a course, been very successful, and have been nominated by a professor specifically to work in the classroom with the professor for a designated class. TAs assist professors and students in many ways. They may lead an activity or a lab, help students individually or in small groups, or assist in other ways such as by making copies or taking notes. TAs do not grade papers or run classes without the professor. They have been previously successful in the class and can offer a student perspective and some helpful assistance. TAs work in several subject areas, but you will most certainly find them in traditionally difficult subjects such as History of U.S. Government, Math, and English Composition courses.

Study Groups


Study groups meet weekly to prepare students for readings, assignments and projects in challenging courses. The groups are facilitated by Learning Specialists and TAs from these courses who have ownership of the group and decide on the agenda. The approach is hands-on and may provide mnemonic memory hooks, as well as games and other kinesthetic activities to help students remember difficult concepts. Study groups have a proven track record of success. Students who attend perform better in their classes. Also, the groups maintain a relaxed and fun approach, providing snacks and lots of student interaction.

For more information on the Peer Tutor Program, please contact:

Rashad Joiner
Center for Student Success
Phone: 352-638-9757