Dr. Kevin R. Chandler

Kevin Chandler

Associate Professor: Mathematics

Joined Beacon: 2013

Educational Credentials
Ed.D., University of Orlando: Educational leadership
M.S., Oakland University: Mechanical Engineering
B.S., Oakland University: Mechanical Engineering

How did you come to work with students who learn differently?
I taught engineering technology students at two universities prior to coming to Beacon. Many of those students were on the autism spectrum and learned differently from those who were not. This made it essential that I tailor the learning experiences I presented to appeal to students that learn in different ways. I found this both challenging and enjoyable. I spent a short time volunteering in the Beacon Math Lab while I was self-employed, which exposed me to a classroom full of students with very unique ways of learning. I loved helping them learn, and still do! This is the most rewarding thing I have done in life.

I enjoy raising rescue dogs, learning new knowledge and skills, exercising, walking/hiking, gardening, reading nonfiction, making things, and philosophy.