Christopher Irving

Christopher Irving

Senior Instructor: Humanities

Joined Beacon: June 2016

Educational Credentials:
B.A., Florida Atlantic University: English Literature & Media Studies
M.F.A., Florida Atlantic University: Creative Writing, Sci-Fi Fiction

How did I come to work with students who learn differently?
As a writing teacher, my primary responsibility has been to assist students understand what their own motivations are towards Composition, regardless of its medium or field of study.  This process has provided me with an opportunity to learn a great deal about how and why deliberate writing choices are made, what challenges they present, and how best to adapt to or utilize them in the writing process.  In my previous work experience at Florida Atlantic University, I worked closely with students with a variety of Learning Disabilities (including dyslexia, dysgraphia, and Autism) in their Access Program for Student Success.  At Palm Beach State College, I worked closely with their Department of Disability Services as well as each campus’ Student Learning Centers which tailored instruction for students identified with LDs or impairments.

Creative writing, nonfiction social reflections, reading, blogging, vintage photography, amateur filmmaking, film preservation, antiquities, archery, cooking.