Computer Information Systems

Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems

Technology is the backbone of the information age. All kinds of organizations use it for a wide variety of purposes, creating a great demand for skills in this area. Beacon’s Computer Information Systems (CIS) major exposes students to many of the exciting possibilities of the latest technology. Students may choose from two tracks:

Information Systems Track

The track covers the mission-critical functions of designing systems and managing information. Students learn about methods for processing data with various hardware and software solutions used in business and industry with an emphasis on how modern organizations – and their managers – use information to make informed decisions. Coursework covers the entire information life cycle:

  • Collection
  • Processing
  • Analysis
  • Utilization for decision support

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Web and Digital Media Track

This track covers the creative side of technology. Projects focus on real world design solutions with a marketing approach. Comprehensive courses cover:

  • Graphic communications
  • Digital imaging
  • Web page production
  • Digital media

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Program Benefits

As a CIS major, you will learn to:

  • Cultivate creative, technical and business skills.
  • Utilize critical thinking to analyze situations involving technology, data, and digital media.
  • Develop an ability to impact local and global computing in regard to individuals, organizations, and communities through technology and analytics.
  • Assess technology and media related problems and implement effective solutions both independently and as a team member.
  • Research and present potential computing strategies in the areas of creative digital media or modern technology systems.
  • Demonstrate skills in applied technologies, applications, and network communications, including practical knowledge of best practices for working in the industry.
  • Communicate computing concepts and processes using professional technical terminology.
  • Apply conceptual thinking to evaluate organizational needs, form strategic goals, and apply design processes.
  • Display an understanding of professional responsibilities, ethical, legal, and social issues in regard to technology and digital media.

CIS Minor

Minors are available in both Computer Information Systems tracks.

Information Systems Minor

The Information Systems minor provides students with the groundwork for incorporating technology into various organizations through software, hardware and decision making tools.

CIS Web and Digital Media Minor

The Web and Digital Media minor provides a foundation in digital imaging, graphic communications, and digital media. Projects focus on real world design solutions with a marketing approach.

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