Our Mission

The mission of Beacon College is to offer academic degree programs to students with learning disabilities.

The concept for Beacon was put forth by a group of parents concerned about higher education opportunities for students with learning disabilities. Responding to this concern, the initial trustees founded Beacon College. The College embraces the student with learning disabilities by providing educational opportunities that acknowledge individual learning differences.

“A Learning Institution Focused on Critical Thinking”

Beacon College was the first college in the United States to offer bachelor degree programs exclusively to students with learning disabilities. Because of our special mission, we appreciate the importance of assisting students with learning disabilities in reaching their academic goals and developing the critical thinking skills necessary to contribute to, and compete within, a modern society. We understand the special needs of students with learning disabilities. We provide a curriculum taught by instructors trained in richly integrating critical thinking activities in classroom instruction.

Recognizing the importance of encouraging the development of strong critical thinking skills, the Beacon College community selected this academic ability as the focus of the institution’s QEP.