Academics - Computer LabBeacon College was the first undergraduate institution in the United States accredited to award bachelor degrees exclusively to students with learning disabilities and/or ADHD.  It remains one of only two educational institutions in the country to serve this population exclusively.

Beacon College is committed to student success, offering academic and personal support services that help each student achieve his/her life goals. Small class sizes taught by professors with extensive understanding of learning disabilities guarantees that each student will be provided the individual attention s/he needs to excel in every class.

Beacon College is truly a community, welcoming, accepting, and supporting each member of it both personally and academically. The level of support offered at Beacon ensures each student will leave the College with a better understanding of his/her learning disability and how to thrive with it in the professional world.

Academic Majors

Academics - ScienceBeacon offers students a choice of 6 majors and 12 minors, all of which were developed with student interest and potential for career success in mind. Class sizes are small to allow personalized attention from faculty, who cater to individual learning styles and needs. Courses promote critical and creative thinking, allowing students to develop both academically and personally. Learn more about our academic majors and access our full course catalog online.

As an additional option, the travel abroad program gives students an opportunity to see different parts of the world, learning from the experience of becoming immersed in another culture and traveling with a diverse group of individuals.

Academic Support

Academics - Student SupportAcademic support services include the Center for Student Success, with trained Learning Specialists and Peer Tutors, the Mathematics Lab, and the Robert & Jane Weiner Writing Center.   Working in conjunction with faculty, learning specialists create individualized mentoring sessions, personalized to meet the academic needs of each student. Additional support programs are available to assist students with their own unique academic needs and to enhance their academic experience.

Career Development

Academics - CareerBeacon recognizes the importance of preparing students for professional life, so a critical component of the Beacon College experience is our Career Development Program. Under a new model being introduced in the fall of 2014, students will be expected to undergo intensive career training, including job shadowing, networking, and participating in classes each year that are focused on self awareness, as well as completing an internship in order to practice those lessons learned in the classroom.

The Career Development Center is staffed with professionals who can assist with job placement and with helping students better understand their desired career path and the skills necessary to obtain their dream job.

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