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Life Coaching at Beacon College- A Student’s Perspective

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Many students wonder what life coaching is and question why they would want to add ANOTHER responsibility onto busy college life. Let me tell you about my own personal experience, and you can make the decision for yourself.  

Let me start off by defining what a Life Coach is. A Life Coach is someone who helps you make a goal(s) and a plan, and, most importantly, holds you to them. They are people who keep you accountable for your self-made promises. They are not constrained by your excuses and may be able to offer a different or better viewpoint to a goal or task that you need to tackle. Maybe you’re like me, slow to trust and quick to run. My first three weeks of coaching was a waste of both Megan Van Lew’s and my time; I hated life coaching! I didn’t need someone else to help me reach my goals. But Megan called me on it; she would snap her fingers and hold me accountable. The hardest part about life coaching (in my opinion) is asking for help, even on little nothing tasks that sure you probably COULD do alone, but why carry all the weight when someone else can help you? I asked Megan what the most important thing that she as a Life Coach would want people to know about life coaching. She responded, “Life coaching is about helping people achieve their goals, and they get a partner to support them in their pursuits!” 

To me, life coaching is about having someone who can help me organize my thoughts and ideas into tangible goals. For instance, this blog is the byproduct of my life coaching session. I knew I wanted to write something that was relatable, but I didn’t know exactly what to write, so I met with Ms. Van Lew and I said, “I want to write a Beacon blog that will attract students, faculty, and parents, but I don’t know what to write about!” She responded with, “What are some things that interest you, or that you like about Beacon?” So I listed things that interested me, and also things that I heard my friends often talk about, and at the top of my list was life coaching. It’s relevant, helpful, unique, and, quite honestly, misunderstood.

Choosing to get help for yourself is a personal choice. There is a joke amongst college students that there is a college triangle and you can only have two options: good grades, social life, and enough sleep; (then you pick your two). If I told you life coaching could help you achieve all three successfully, you would think I was lying, right? Here’s the thing, though, life coaching really can help you achieve all three! If that is your goal, a Life Coach may have you keep track of your time for a week and at your next session go over it with you. Perhaps they see a place where you can cut down time, thus freeing it for more of whichever choice you felt you had to give up on! One of the hardest things about being a college student is balancing the new found freedom and new life that you are given. Maybe you are the most ambitious, goal driven individual, but what if you could loosen the weight upon your shoulders (and not just by dropping a class to lighten your backpack). A Life Coach shares in your responsibilities and allows you the chance to find the balance that you are lacking.

(Please know that with the exception of YOU saying who your Life Coach is, this information is kept confidential, along with what happens in your sessions and all words spoken* unless you are a danger to yourself or to others.)

Dawn Lowe