Emergency Preparedness

Communication is a critical factor when it comes to providing a safe campus environment. In order to provide timely communication to the campus community in the event of an emergency, Beacon College employs a student emergency notification system embedded within our campus software service called SonisWeb. This system allows Beacon College to immediately and simultaneously contact each student via their cell or college email. It provides the capability to send important critical information via text format in emergency situations. Examples of emergencies for which the service could be used include: a possible threat on campus, tornado/hurricane warnings, other severe weather alerts, or a safety situation that has forced the closure of a campus facility.

Campus Safety Notices (PDF Format)
Beacon Emergency Resource Guide 2020

What is it not?
The Emergency Alert System is not a general campus notification tool. Beacon College will not be using this system to announce campus events or individual class cancellations. Beacon College will use this service only for situations deemed serious or critical and that pose an immediate and significant threat to the campus community.

What will I receive?
In the event of an emergency, you will receive notification about what is going on as well as instructions on what to do to stay safe. If there is a hostile person on campus, for example, the message may indicate that you should stay in your present location and lock the door.

How much does it cost?
The service itself is free. You do not have to pay anything to sign up. Do be aware, however, that your cellular phone carrier may charge you to receive a text message.

How does it work?
Individuals must sign up for the service. Signing up is simple and includes providing your cell phone number and carrier name. Once you have signed up, you will receive all emergency notification messages automatically. The service will continue until you opt-out.

Do I have to sign up?
Signing up for the E2Campus service is not required, but is highly recommended. Your information is not shared with anyone else and is used only to provide you with timely notification of emergencies.

Can someone else sign me up for the service?
Yes. A parent or other guardian can provide the information to us.

How do I sign up?
We generally collect this data during student move in times and at orientation. You can, however, sign up at anytime.

Emergency Contacts

Emergency Services (Police/Fire/Ambulance): 911

On Duty Campus Safety Officer:  352-638-9723

Leesburg Police: 352-787-2121

Campus Central Desk: 352-787-7660
Campus Central Desk Toll-Free: 855-220-5374

Campus Student Services: 352-787-4616

Campus Resident Assistants:

  • The Village Apartments: 352-638-6843
  • Woodward Apartments: 352-630-7088
  • Wedgewood/Lofts: 352-638-6258

Campus Counseling & Health Services: 352-360-8012

Lake County Emergency Management: 352-343-9420

Lake County Sheriff’s Office: 352-343-2101

Florida Highway Patrol: 352-360-6511

Poison Control: 800-222-1222

Annual Security Report

Beacon College prepares an annual Campus Security Report to comply with the Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act.