President’s Welcome

Welcome to Beacon College. Beacon is a community that will transform your life. We do so by creating and setting in motion an undergraduate experience that will give rise to new ambitions and expectations for you and your future.

President Hagerty SpeakingWe are the first institution of higher education devoted exclusively to the instruction of students with specific learning disabilities or ADHD to be regionally accredited to award both bachelor’s (BA) and associate’s (AA) degrees. This legacy defines and inspires us as we pursue our work on campus today and as we seek ever new and enlightened ways to educate and serve our students.

The results of our singular dedication to the success of our students are tangible and consequential. The rates of graduation (70%) and student retention (83%) that arise from Beacon’s rigorous undergraduate curriculum are extraordinary when measured against comparable national averages, as are the employment rates of our students immediately upon their graduation (exceeding 70%). Each year, an additional 12% of Beacon’s graduates are accepted for advanced study at competitive graduate schools across the nation.

We are understandably proud of the recent attention Beacon College has enjoyed in the national media. In April 2017, ranked Beacon College No. 1 among the “20 Best Value Colleges for Students with Learning Disabilities 2017-2018.” Their conclusion says it all — “when it comes to the best colleges for students with learning disabilities, none holds a candle to Beacon College.”

This is not the first time Beacon College has received a high ranking from a college rating survey. College Magazine rated Beacon College No. 2 in their 2016 survey “Top 10 Best Colleges for Students with Learning Disabilities,” while the respected ranking of liberal arts colleges and universities that prepare students for social mobility and civic impact and potency conducted by the Washington Monthly placed Beacon College among the top 100 American institutions of higher education. ValuePenguin ranked Beacon College No. 1 in a 2013 survey that measures the rate of return from the financial investment made in a college education by families and students.

President Hagerty and Beacon College studentsWith all that Beacon College has achieved in a quarter century, the most telling feature of the College’s storyline resides in the community of committed educators and administrators who refuse to be self-satisfied.  Wherever your interests lie in our major courses of study (i.e., Business Management, Computer Information Systems, Human Services, Interdisciplinary Studies, or Psychology), you can be confident that a culture of continuous improvement pervades our curriculum, services, and every thread of the living and learning environment that defines and animates the Beacon experience. Here, you will discover an intimate and supportive community that will challenge and empower you in the best traditions of American higher education.

And so, with the entire Beacon College community, I welcome you to our website, and invite you to explore the possibilities that our community offers. We would be delighted to meet you personally as well and encourage you to visit with us on campus.


George Hagerty, Ph.D.