Graduate Spotlight 2020

Beacon College Spotlight Class of 2020

Savannah Arner

Savannah Arner

Golden, CO

I plan to come back to Colorado and job search. My goal is to become a licensed service dog trainer, so I can help dogs to be of valuable service to others.

José Bermúdez

Jose Bermudez

Winter Garden, FL

My plan is to find a great job.

Jonah Bienhoff

Jonah Bienhoff

Ottawa, KS
Studio Arts

Plans fell apart due to Covid-19, so figure life out.

Shane Bottomley

Shane Bottomley

Toms River, NJ
Computer Information Systems/ Web and Digital Media

Pursuing a summer internship with a wrestling company then returning to Beacon College in the fall to complete my bachelor’s degree.

Sayeed Branch

Sayeed Branch

Lake Mary, FL
Computer Information Systems Web and Digital Media

Build and obtain the proper skills and attributes to eventually work in the film industry as a cameraman or editor.

Sydney Burger

Sydney Burger

Lake Worth, FL
Web & Digital Media

I am planning on getting a job in graphic design or web design in Gainesville and moving there.

Colin Cavanaugh

Colin Cavanaugh, Class of 2020

St. Augustine, FL
Information Systems

Find a job as a systems analyst or accountant.

Samuel Closson

Samuel Closson, Class of 2020

Summerville, SC

Pursuing real estate licensing.

Andrew Cohen-Gross

Andrew Cohen-Gross, Class of 2020

Silver Spring, MD
Humanities   ​ 

I am going to produce music and try to be a certified music industry professional. The rest is in the future.

Aaron Colaluca

Aaron Colaluca, Class of 2020

Chepachet, RI
Business Management 

Stay in Leesburg and work at Red Roads Southern Boutique until Disney World opens with hospitality jobs. I’m very thankful for Beacon and my Leesburg community for all the support they have given me.

Patrick Conlon

Patrick Conlon, Clas of 2020

Clearwater, FL

Off to Yellowstone again to work.

Erik Dommers

Erik Dommers, Class of 2020

Columbia, SC
Web & Digital Design 

Plan for after graduation is to live in Tampa, FL, where I will be looking for a career in the graphic design and digital media fields and for more internships to give me more experience.

Kristi Ericson

Celebration, FL
Business Management  

Help my mother with our animal sanctuary.

Adriane Exton

Adriane Exton, Class of 2020

Washington, DC
Human Services 

Employment at a social services agency in DC.

William Finkelstein

William Finkelstein, Class of 2020

Columbia, SC
Business Management 

To build my career.

Samuel Finelli

Samuel Finelli, Class of 2020

Peachtree Corners, GA
Business Management  

I hope possibly to further my education in the real estate and interior design fields.

Melissa Fiorillo

Melissa Fiorillo, Class of 2020

Fort Myers, FL
Human Services 

So looking forward to start working.

Daniel Graff

Daniel Graff, Class of 2020

Satellite Beach, FL
Web and Digital Media    ​ 

Work for a graphic design company or work for a large corporate company doing graphic design work.

Hayley Greene

Hayley Greene, Class of 2020

Folsom, CA
Psychology    ​ 

I found a job working as a Life Enrichment Manager in a senior living facility in California.

Luke Hill

Luke Hill

Flemington, NJ
Computer Information Science   ​ 

Move to Texas to do software development for Dell.

Nick Jagg

Nick Jagg, Class of 2020

Alexandria, VA
Computer Information Systems    ​ 

Get a job in computer information systems.

Kyle Brandon Joyce

Kyle Joyce, Class of 2020

Jacksonville, FL
Computer Information Systems    ​ 

Get a job with GATE and work on paying back student loans.

Katherine Kohlmann

Katherine Kohlmann, Class of 2020

New Orleans, LA
Studio Arts  ​ 

Look for a job.

Brennan Korshavn

Brennan Korshavn, Class of 2020

Torrance, CA
Human Services  ​ 

Pursuing opportunities in youth ministry.

Allison Krug

Allison Krug, Class of 2020

Charlotte, NC
Anthrozoology  ​ 

Looking towards getting a stable job in animal sheltering or domestic and companion animal care.

Tomi Lijadu

Tomi Lijadu, Class of 2020

Lagos, Nigeria
Business Management / Hospitality Track   ​ 

My plan is to find work in the hospitality industry.

Lewis Michael Lippy 

Lewis Lippy, Class of 2020

Phoenix, MD
Web and Digital Media   ​ 

While looking for a job, I will be working on the farm.

Zachary Logue

Zachary Logue, Class of 2020

Poolesville, MD
Computer Information Systems and Studio Art   ​ 

I plan to start an internship or job in my field to further my job experience.

Cortleigh Luxenberg

Cortleigh Luxenberg, Class of 2020

Beachwood, OH
Human Services  ​ 

Get a job.

Gina Mann

Gina Mann, Class of 2020

Northridge, CA
Psychology ​ 

Getting a job, moving to Florida, and getting my master’s degree in counseling with an emphasis in clinical mental health.

Ryan Marra

Ryan Marra, Class of 2020

Winter Springs, FL
Computer Information Systems ​ 

I plan to get a position in web development. 

Keratile Magadi Masire

Keratile Masire, Class of 2020

Kanye, Botswana
Human Services  ​ 

Start my masters program in social work.

Sydney McNickle

Sydney McNickle, Class of 2020

St. Petersburg, FL
Human Services  ​ 

Return to Beacon College in fall 2020 and spring 2021 to finish my senior year and graduate with my bachelor’s degree in human services in May 2021. Hopefully I can walk across that stage May 2021 and receive my last and final diploma which I am most looking forward to.

Alexander Michaels

Alexander Michaels, Class of 2020

Coconut Creek, FL
Human Services  ​ 

Finishing senior year at Beacon to receive my Bachelor’s Degree in 2021, and then plan to go into the Coast Guard after graduation.

Melanie Moore

Melanie Moore, Class of 2020

Florence, SC
Anthrozoology  ​ 

I plan to work in a zoo or aquarium setting. I like to work with otters or dolphins.

Ryan Moore

Ryan Moore, class of 2020

North Brunswick, NJ
Business Management  ​ 

Transferring to another college.

Jennifer Mizowek

Jennifer Mizowek, Class of 2020

Eustis, FL
Business Management ​ 

I plan to stay on with Beacon College and continue to grow in the position I am in now!

Sarah Elizabeth Newton

Sarah Elizabeth Newton, Class of 2020

Tampa, FL
Business ​ 

To obtain my master’s degree at the Savannah College of Art and Design and pursue my passion in photography.

Daniel O’Rourke

Daniel O'Rourke, Class of 2020

Levittown, NY
Business ​ 

Stay in Florida.

Arianna Alissa Pappas

Arianna Alissa Pappas, Class of 2020

Lamoine, ME
Psychology ​ 

I hope to pursue a career as a counselor/therapist so that I have the opportunity to help individuals struggling or I would like to pursue a career in advocating for individuals who have been diagnosed with a learning disability.

Halie Pattison

Halie Pattison, Class of 2020

Pittsburgh, PA
Web and Digital Media​ 

Work a job in advertising or as a graphic designer.  

James Peckinpaugh

James Peckinpaugh, Class of 2020


Life is full of many possibilities. You just need to reach deep inside of you to find your direction. I would like to work with animals.  

Sarah Pozzi

Sarah Pozzi, Class of 2020

Fernandina Beach, FL

Find a challenging job that aligns with my values and includes animal care work at a zoo or aquarium. In the medium term, I am also planning to go back to school after a couple of years of working to further my education.

Jessica Schwebel

Jessica Schwebel, Class of 2020

Marietta, GA
Human Services

I hope to find a job in Social Services helping others.

Daniel Sherwin

Daniel Sherwin, Class of 2020

Moscow, PA
Information Technology

Look for an entry level job in my field after college.

Lilly Slomowitz

Lilly Slomowitz, Class of 2020

Hollywood, FL
Human Services

Attend photography school.

Hannah Watson

Hannah Watson, class of 2020

Reston, VA
Human Services

I hope to get a job at a senior living facility .

Kheyany Webb

Kheyany Webb, Class of 2020

Miami, FL
Human services

I hope to work in admissions one day at a college or university.

Evan White

Evan White, Class of 2020

Tampa, FL
Hospitality Management

Transferring to another school to get my BS.

Beacon College congratulates this year’s graduates!