Childhood Stories

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Last night, Carolyn Shea, Jennie Friedman, Alex Sweet, Dustin Opper, Braden Walter, Eric Lindquist, Dominguez Rodriguez, and EB Newlon shared their favorite stories from childhood in the Writing Center!!! Everyone had a great time listening to these memorable classics!   Childhood stories shared included: Alex Sweet: “The Little Mermaid” by Hans Christian Anderson Dustin Opper: […]

Ms. Patestides' Favorite Dessert by Allison Lau

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Beacon student Allison Lau interviewed Instructor and Learning Specialist Ms. Michele Patestides on what her favorite dessert is. Here is what she discovered! Ms. Patestides’ favorite dessert is chocolate layer mousse cake. She likes to eat it on special occasions, for example, on birthdays. There is no special meaning behind her enjoyment of chocolate layer […]

Dr. Stowe's Personal Hero by Dustin Opper

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Dustin Opper interviewed Beacon professor, Dr. Kirk Stowe, on his personal hero. Here is what he discovered: Dr. Stowe joined the Beacon College family in the Fall semester of 2009. Ever since, Beacon has been well-endowed with vast scientific knowledge. However, how did the man behind the science gain his knowledge and find his way […]

Writing Center Valentines Party

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Last night, Matt Bernard, Josh Shusterman, Braden Walter, Eric Lindquist, Dustin Opper, Heather Reed, Jennie Friedman, Skye Jackson, Carly Eisenstein, Justin Campbell, and Melissa Helfand-Pestella attended the Valentines Party in the Writing Center! Everyone had a blast eating Valentines treats, making Valentines, and listening to romantic oldies!

Alex Blankenship's Personal Hero by EB Newlon

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EB Newlon interviewed fellow Beacon student, Alex Blankenship on his personal hero. Here is what she discovered: Alex Blankenship’s hero is his father, Wayne Blankenship. Alex discovered his dad as a hero when Alex was ten-years-old. Some characteristics that Alex admires about Mr. Blankenship are that he is encouraging, knows what he wants and gets […]

Meet Beacon Buzz Student Journalist: EB Newlon

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My name is EB Newlon, and I am from Reston, VA. I am studying Web and Design, CIS track at Beacon College. I am a sophomore. After I graduate from Beacon College, I hope to get a job that I love to do, mostly to do with graphics. My dream job, though, would be to […]

Meet Beacon Buzz Student Journalist: Jacob Bogdanski

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What is up! My name is Jacob John Bogdanski. I’m from CT, but born in Lima, Peru. I am studying Human Services at Beacon, but with a certificate of completion in Culinary Arts from Vinal Tech High School. I’m a freshman for now. When I’m finally given the okay to leave, then I will probably […]

Khiry Washington for SGA

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Beacon student Khiry Washington wrote a letter in support of creating a Student Government Association. Here it is! My name is Khiry Washington. I have been a student here for the past two semesters, and I am majoring in Human Services. I came here hoping to be heard in a way that I haven’t before […]

Meet Beacon Buzz Student Journalist: Clay Cunningham

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My name is Clay Cunningham and I am from Dallas, TX. I am currently going to Beacon College in Leesburg, FL. I am a sophomore and am studying to be a teacher. After I graduate from Beacon, I would like to get a good elementary school teaching job in Texas. An interesting fact about me […]