Legislative Learning Takes Beacon Students To Tallahassee

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Mr. Smith went to Washington. Last month two Beacon students went to Tallahassee. While there, they, like Mr. Smith, too learned something about how the political machine’s gears are greased. Ary Brown and Samantha Chavez traveled to the state capital for a birds-eye view of grassroots lobbying as part of the annual caravan of students […]

Beacon’s Ballers are a Slam Dunk for Hoopsters

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Beacon Ballers 2018

When they’re not studying up in the classroom, a certain group of Beacon students are hooping it on the hardwood. Beacon’s basketball club, the Beacon Ballers, are competing in tournament play and barnstorming the country playing Division 1 school club teams. Sports clubs, as opposed to intramural sports, involve students who form a club and […]

Beacon College Crew Ladles Up ‘Souper’ Volunteerism at Lake County Fundraiser

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Simon Vaz

Every day, one in six Central Floridians wonders whether food will grace his or her dining table that day. In Lake County, some 45,120 Lake County residents wonder just how they’ll curb their too often rumbling bellies. That troubled Simon Vaz. He knew he couldn’t solve the dilemma alone. Yet, by dishing up hearty helpings of chicken noodle soup, Vaz reckoned he could help bring awareness to the hunger that ails too many neighbors of Beacon College in Leesburg, Fla.

New Group of Beacon In Tuscany Students Set Forth

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Beacon in Tuscany Spring 2018

Beacon College bid farewell this morning to the second class in its global education program, Beacon in Tuscany. The program is believed to be the only semester-long study abroad program for students who learn differently. Beacon College in Leesburg, Florida, a nonprofit liberal arts school, is America’s first college/university accredited to award bachelor’s degrees primarily […]

Named and Tamed: Beacon Spirit Contest Means a Beast No More

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Name the Beast Contest

The Old Testament book of Genesis chronicles how Adam “gave names to all the livestock, the birds in the sky and all the wild animals.” In other words, the beasts. Beacon students, faculty, staff — and some parents too — recently took up a similar, if less overwhelming, task: dreaming up a forename for a student-created sculpture.

Dr. William Nesbitt Keeps The Pop Culture Analysis Coming

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In his work for Coma Music Magazine, Dr. William Nesbitt puts his skills as an observer of the pop world to work providing witty and urbane commentary on the latest movies, music, and television of the present day.  Here are some of Dr. Nesbitt’s recent articles: Music Review: Danzig – Black Laden Crown Music Review: […]

Jamar Butler

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Jamar Butler, Beacon College Alumnus

Butler, a 2009 graduate of Beacon College, started work as a cybersecurity analyst with the Southern Command in 2011. In between, he worked for a Fort Lauderdale telecommunications company as an assistant support specialist. At the Southern Command, Butler started out as an intern and then was hired as a contractor. Soon thereafter, he was brought on as a full-time employee of the government.

Butler had been interested in computers before attending Beacon, he says, but not enough to imagine himself in a technology career. Then he discovered Beacon’s “extraordinary” computer information systems program. “After I dipped into computers, I kept going at it, kept reading, tinkering, taking them apart and putting them together,” he recalls.

Happy Holidays from Beacon College

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Happy Holiday 2017

The ability to learn with passion, purpose and confidence is one of life’s greatest joys. At Beacon College, we are privileged to accompany students who learn differently on their journey of life and learning. This holiday season, we offer you a digital glimpse into the journey taken by our students who learn differently. Holiday Greetings […]

Students Get Their Kicks En Route to Kickball Domination of Staffers

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Beacon Kickball 2017

In the latest annual athletic battle royal pitting Beacon College students versus staffers, both sides got their kicks. In the end, however, youth was served — and, in current parlance, staffers got served — as students beat staffers 19-11 in the Students vs. Staff Kickball game. The game, played, December 14, was the first night […]