Prato Semester Abroad – First Week in Italy

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Just one short week ago, we arrived in Prato to begin Beacon’s first semester-long study abroad adventure. Students have completed their first week of classes and have begun to explore the maze-like old city. Some have even ventured on their own into Florence by train. They are gradually eating their way through the various restaurants on our meal plan and are getting to know their favorites. Russ Bellamy has taken his class on a walking trip to identity likely places for the plein air drawing and painting class. Gretchen Dreimiller has helped students launch their blogs for the travel narrative class in the computer lab at the University of Florence Prato campus.

Aaron Colaluca in Prato

| Travel Abroad - Prato
Student in Prato

Aaron Colaluca celebrates the banner that the Condominio Lippi — the local business/civic group that is actively trying to preserve and promote the old city neighborhood — hung from Dr. Andea Brode’s apartment windows facing the Hotel Giardino (where Beacon in Tuscany students reside) so that it’s the first thing the students see when they walk out the front door.


| Travel Abroad - Prato
First Day in Prato

After our long journey from Florida to Italy (22 hours by bus to New York, eight hours by plane, followed by four hours by bus from Milan to Prato), we are settling into our home for the next three months.

10 Silent Signs You Have Intimacy Issues

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Can’t seem to get close in your relationships? Beacon College psychologist Dr. AJ Marsden offers wise counsel on getting past your intimacy issues in this piece for Reader’s Digest. Read it here…

Hurricane Update – September 12, 2017

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Dear Beacon Community and Families: This morning, the College focused on assessing damage and preparing our buildings and campus to resume scheduled Wednesday, September 13, classes.  With power now restored to all major buildings and residences, we feel confident that we can resume our daily routines. Intermittent interruptions with the internet and Wi-Fi may persist; […]

Hurricane Update – September 11, 2017 12:20 PM

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With the worst of Hurricane Irma behind us, the College has shifted focus to restoring normal operations. As mentioned in an earlier update, electricity remains out in the Woodward Apartments. Repairs are being arranged and contingency plans are in place to support affected students. Off-campus students who left town during Irma and return to power […]

Hurricane Update – September 11, 2017 8:46 AM

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Irma barged into Leesburg last night, an unwelcome guest, but the students and staffers who weathered the storm in the Student Center Sunday night emerged unscathed this morning. Team Beacon arose early Monday morning to check on students and to survey the aftermath. Power remained on through the night. Two of the three residence halls […]

Hurricane Update – September 9, 2017 4:50 PM

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Dear members of the Beacon community and families: My previous messages this week have explained the preparations underway for Hurricane Irma’s Central Florida impact. As of this Saturday morning, all measures are now in place to protect our students and the campus in the expectation of the most severe weather projected (i.e., Category 3 winds, […]