Beacon Salon Lecture Series – Michelle Szydlowski

Beacon Salon Lecture Series - Michelle SzydlowskiLecture: Captive elephant tourism has been a mainstay of Chitwan National Park in Nepal since the 1960s. These elephants live a much different life then their wild counterparts, and are often seen by local people as an entirely different animal. Come walk with Michelle through the jungles and stables of Nepal, and hear the biographies of unique individual elephants while learning about the extremely complex situation surrounding animal tourism in Nepal.

Bio: Michelle Szydlowski is an anthrozoologist earning her Ph.D. researching ethics, conservation and animal welfare in the Chitwan National Park area of Nepal. Her experience working with elephant drivers, conservationists and communities in Nepal since 2012 gives her unique insight into the issues surrounding international conservation projects. A former high school teacher, Michelle left the field to pursue a career in animals which followed a winding path through veterinary technology, wild bird rehabilitation and conservation. Having finally found the perfect career where all of her passions unite, she teaches anthrozoology, ecology, and animal shelter management classes at Beacon College.