Meet The Leadership

Illumen Vitae Abundantiorem

This phrase in Latin that adorns Beacon College’s official seal means, “illuminating the life abundant.”  It is both a consequential promise and a powerful catalyst for our students and our community.

First and foremost, it is a promise that Beacon College makes to every student. We will guide and nurture you over the course of a defining and transformational moment in your life, both within the classroom and far beyond it, during the time you spend at Beacon, and every day thereafter.

Second, it is a catalyst of many dimensions for the faculty and staff of Beacon College, for our supporting donors, parents and alumni, and especially for our students. It propels and challenges us to create the vision, acquire the skills and resources, and persist in the quest needed to fulfill the promise of “the life abundant.”

Students who learn differently are too often the focus of “managed expectations,” as if their “island of challenge” were the entirety of their life’s landscape. At Beacon College, we know differently, and have intentionally sculpted an undergraduate program aligned with co-curricular and extra-curricular offerings to help our students pursue for themselves a life abundant. The innovations that the College has uniquely fostered expand upon and deepen the traditional expectations of collegiate preparation. These opportunities include Beacon’s signature semester abroad in Tuscany, Italy and meaningful pre-college transition offerings such as Navigator PREP and Summer for Success.

The journey upon which our students embark at Beacon is not at all dissimilar to that of every other undergraduate institution in the country. At Beacon College, however, we take very seriously the undergraduate quest to understand, embrace, and balance the elements of an “abundant life,” deliberately setting in balance the expectations of a life of:

  1. Intellectual challenge that continuously deepens and broadens the mastery of knowledge, critical thinking, and social and emotional intelligence.
  2. A code of ethical and moral principles as the compass for guiding one’s decisions and actions in life and work.
  3. The healthy moorings of family ties, trusted friendships, and positive social networks as a secure and enduring foundation for life.
  4. A holistic approach to wellness across all domains.
  5. The pursuit of worthy work to sustain a productive, fulfilling, and independent lifestyle.
  6. A commitment to service that betters the larger community.
  7. Dreams and ambitions that demand a devotion to lifelong learning.

Our Beacon campus is a true learning laboratory upon and through which your personal journey takes shape and unfolds in ways unimagined when you first arrived.  Our community welcomes and empowers you to pursue the life abundant – in the formal instructional spaces, in the student residences, throughout the campus and into the world beyond. A world where our graduates are expected to pursue careers meaningful both to them and to the society of which they are a part.

With the entire Beacon College family, I welcome you to Beacon. We invite you to explore the possibilities that we offer and experience just how the resources, the high expectations, and the community we have assembled at Beacon can sustain and invigorate you as you begin life’s great adventure. We would be delighted to meet you personally, as well, and encourage you to visit with us on campus or virtually.



George Hagerty, Ed.D.