Dustin Boise: Bored


Exhibition: August 29-November 21

Reception: August 29th, 4-6pm




Artist Statement

Combining mundane materials with great wit and craft I express the intimate relationship between the world of material objects and the imagination. Work from my oeuvre glorifies banal objects through the interweaving of contemporary ideas and issues as well as the innate qualities the materials possess. I attribute my work to humor and the theoretical practice of materialism; a theory that states all being, process, and phenomena can be explained as manifestations of matter.

The work presents itself in five basic elements: the materials and idea which I use, process for altering, the form it will take, and presentation. Materials and idea are interchangeable as to what comes first, yet the idea originates from researching current or past issues, events, and quotes within the American contemporary landscape. Ultimately I stimulate viewers, through the reprocessing of familiar objects and ideas, to step back and approach the everyday from an alternative perspective.


Artist Biography

Dustin Boise was born in Elk City, Oklahoma in 1984. He received his MFA from the University of Cincinnati in 2012 and has exhibited throughout the Midwest. He is the recipient of the 2009 OVAC Momentum Spotlight Honorarium and 2011 Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award. Boise approaches materials seeking ways to set them free from their mundane roles while redefining within their inherent qualities. The artist currently resides and maintains a studio practice in Baltimore, Maryland.